Saturday, June 21, 2008

My new Weed Eater ~ Isn't she sweet !

I know, two posts in one day! I just had to share these photos. The same deer that came to visit us last weekend, on Father's day, is back again. I guess she likes our weeds, LOL. We have 3 acres on our property and about half of it is meadow. I guess she likes it ! Better to eat those wild flowers than my garden :-)

I was hiding (ha!) behind the small Oak Tree to take these pictures.

She knew I was there, but didn't seem to mind.

She was watching me, and my cat (that curiously wanted to see what was going on).

She really likes those flowering weeds. She most likely has a sleeping fawn nearby. The local Humane Society has newspaper and radio ads every spring. They advise people to leave the "abandoned" fawn alone. Mommy is most likely grazing nearby.
They don't leave their babies alone for long.
Maybe I will have pictures of a tiny fawn soon :-)

Happy weeding !


TattingChic said...

What a pretty weed eater. How nice that her grazing comes in handy for you. So many people I know get their expensive landscaping chowed down on by the "pretty weed eaters"...LOL

Beverly said...

She is a gorgeous weedeater. I hope that she only eats your weeds.

Karen said...

I hope she eats only the weeds too. I have a little trick that works . . . to protect your flower garden. If you happen to have a dog (which we do) empty her brush in the flower garden, so the "Canine" fur is marking all of your favorite plants. It does work! The smell of a predator keeps the deer away. So far so good. ~ Karen

Nancy said...

Oh, I just love seeing the deer. We have them wandering through the property here as well...We used to get a large family of 5 including the big male with the antlers. About 3 years ago, I nearly backed into a couple in our driveway!

Enjoy the beauty!
Hugs, Nancy

Deb said...

Wow Karen what a beautiful new friend you have there, your pictures of her are amazing. Looks like your weed eater is right at home I'm sure thought Cider is none to pleased with the addition.
Hugs Deb

Michele said...

Definitely beats a weedwhacker!! LOL!!

She's adorable! I love the pic where she's looking at the camera!!


Andrea said...

That's one beautiful weed eater! How sweet that she let you get that close for the pictures.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

She is just beautiful! Hopefully, we will soon see the fawn too!
Thank you for sharing these photos!