Friday, December 24, 2010

Wishing you all the Best for the Holidays and 2011

Merry Christmas !!!!

I had a wonderful time at the 26th Vintage Clothing Show. A big Thank You! goes out to my hubby and two teens for helping me get ready for this show. It is always a good day but a lot of work too. Not something you can do by yourself, that is for sure !


I have not been in blog land lately ~ I have "gone to the dogs" ~ as my friends say. I have become involved with online dog rescue via Face Book. It is amazing how networking between Rescues, Fosters and Transporters can save dogs and puppies in high kill pounds. My daughter and I are doing our part and will be doing a road trip to NY State on Dec. 29th. We are helping to transport 8 puppies to their foster home where they will be safe and put up for adoption. They were saved from a pound in North Carolina. I will post pictures.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and all the Best for 2011!

Friday, October 8, 2010

26th Annual Vintage Clothing Sale ~ Ottawa Ontario

It's that time of year again ! I am a confirmed vendor at the 26th Annual Vintage Clothing Sale ~ Ottawa, Ontario, Canada ~ Chateau Laurier Hotel ~ Sunday November 7, 2010.

I will be in the main Ballroom in booth #11 ~ same as last year.
These photos are from my booth in 2009.

Fully stocked with wonderful clothing ~ mostly dresses and coats ~ and vintage textiles again this year : ). Hope to see you on November 7, 2010.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lazy Days of Summer

Thank you for all the well wishes. I am doing fine but have been told not to lift anything over 10 pounds for 6 weeks (the end of August). Boy that's harder than you think! When you go grocery shopping the bags add up, laundry baskets add up, pet food, kitty litter. . . the list goes on and on. So I'll try and enjoy the lazy days of summer : )

So there you go . . . hang out and don't do chores. I'll try to follow orders, lol.
Hope you're having a great summer ! July has just flown by.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Madeira Table Linens and Italian Lace

I have some lovely Madeira Table Linens listed this week. Both linen and organdy with beautiful embroidery. So pretty! This is a 17 piece set ~ 8 placemats, 8 napkins and a matching runner.

Such pretty detail.

The Italian's know how to make pretty table linens !

This tablecloth is Banquet size ~ Great for entertaining.

Available in my Etsy shop
Have a great weekend !!! Thanks for stopping by.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cool Breeze and Casual Pets

We have had quite the heat wave in Southern Ontario this week. It actually reached 42 degrees Celcius which is 108 F. That is very unusual for May and too hot for me! It is finally cool enough to open the windows again.

I think we are all enjoying the cool breeze !

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cinderella needs a little more magic . . .

Yep, I am a hockey fan. I am Canadian after all! I certainly love cheering for the underdog . . . as stressful as that is, lol. I think the Montreal Canadiens have certainly given it their all this year! Montreal was up against the number one team (1st place in the regular season plays 8th place in the first round of the finals). . . . and they won! How unexpected was that!?! Now Montreal is battling last years Stanley Cup winners. I'm sure every other team in the League would like to see them knock off the Champs too !

A little magic wouldn't hurt either ! I love this vintage photo . . . it calmly says
"Wait . . . I'm not done yet!"
Go Habs Go!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !!!

Happy Mother's Day !!!! Wishing all the Moms in Blogland a Great : )

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

First Blooms in my Garden

I just love May !
In Canada it is the beginning of the best half of the year :)

We have about 500 little seedlings of White Pine, White Spruce and Red Pine planted in our back yard . . . . way back in the tall grass. I hope to convert that area from meadow to forest. You can see a few of the little green tops peeking out above the grass. This is their 3rd summer so I hope they really take off and grow like crazy this year!

My flower garden is starting to have some colour. My cats are thrilled to enjoy some fresh air. I hope to keep them as indoor kitties, as we have coyotes, fishers and owls in our neighbourhood. Not so good for young cats. I'll be putting a hook and eye on my screen door asap. I think they will learn how to slide that door quickly!

My Tulips have survived the nibbling deer . . . so far so good.

My "Snow on the Mountain" is in full bloom. The best kind of snow, lol.

Have a great week and enjoy the great weather !

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Buttons and Bling!

I had some fun on the weekend going to a Jewelry sale. The auctioneer I know decided to try something different and have a tag sale instead. I found lots of goodies and the prices were great. I am a big fan of Marcasite and just love this floral bracelet. I lucked out! It is marked Sterling Germany on the back.

I also bought a few bag lots of brooches and pins.
I love the black enamel brooch and earrings set with the pink roses.
The hat pins and shoe clips are fun too !

These little scarf pins were all bagged together in a lot of 25 pins.
I think I will do alright by them : )

I bought the blue set "just because" the glass is so pretty.

I also got a huge lot of buttons at an auction a few weekends ago. I was thrilled to find these Victorian Stag buttons . . . after sorting through the entire lot of +500 buttons I can happily say I have a set of ten deer buttons.

I love cameos ~ real or fake. I bought these at the tag sale and was fortunate to discover that the bracelet is real! It has eight tiny shell cameos, not plastic. Once it was all cleaned up (and no longer solid grey from dust and dirt) I could see the beautiful detail in each hand carved cameo. It is always nice to have the odd surprise! FYI ~ I learned via google that you should oil your shell cameo twice a year to keep it from drying out.

Happy Treasure Hunting !!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Quite what I Expected . . .

You know those sayings . . . "You get what you ask for" and "Careful what you wish for". . . well I take them very seriously. That little feeling that says you'll find what you are looking for happens every so often too. I never ignore it. Well lately I have been dreaming of lovely Steiff Bears.

There is an Antique Market not too far away that I actually didn't know about ~ how could that be!?!?! It is about 45 minutes from my house so I went last Sunday to check it out. It is only open 1 day a week, on Sunday. I had visions of Teddy Bears dancing in my head. I was convinced I was going to find a nice big Steiff Bear for cheap. . . . and I did . . . sort of. I guess I'll need to provide more specific details to "the Universe" next time.

This lovely bear is likely a grand 20 inches when he is standing. He looks like Steiff to me. The thing I wasn't expecting was a tin bear, lol. Mohair would have been nice! This cutie is a big tin sign. It was only $5 though, so yes, I guess I did find a nice big Steiff bear for cheap : )

Friday, April 9, 2010

Wedding Dress #2 ~ Anjolique Gown - SOLD

~~~ SOLD ~~~

~ Intricate Detail on the Bodice ~

A stunning beaded Wedding Gown ~ perfect for a Romantic and Vintage Style Wedding. I have Blogged, Tweeted, Flickr'd and Facebook'd so that should about cover it, lol.

This Anjolique Gown is available in my Bridal Boutique in my Etsy shop.

I am selling it for far less than the retail price (still on the dress) of $1130.00

The gown can be purchased here

I just love this gown. Maybe I can go back in time and change my dress : ) I would certainly love to wear this!

The detail is wonderful ~ metallic embroidery and beading. I just love it!

It even shimmers under the veil.

It looks wonderful in day light and candle light.

Such pretty detail . . . .

The pleats fall so nicely. A very flattering style I think.

And it has a long train.

I hope the bride-to-be that is meant to be finds this : )


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Pretty Glass Things I Never Use, LOL

Even though my China Cabinet has glass doors it really does get very dusty in there. I guess I really don't ever use these things! I still think they are pretty but . . . rather neglected. Ah well, I guess I am a white dishes type. I will use that cake plate and four little dessert plates the next time I have the gals over for coffee though ~ promise!

I did buy two of these domes at a thrift shop not too long ago. I think I will actually use them! They will be good for protecting food when we eat outside on the deck this summer. Maybe the wasps won't even smell the goodies if they are covered up. For now they display velvet millinery : )

I bought this little creamer at an auction a long time ago. It was in a box lot of odds and sods. I think its beautiful. I should use this creamer at my next coffee too!

This little gal was hidden at the back of my junk cupboard. She is so pretty I don't know how she ended up there. She has found a home in my cabinet too. The puppy reminds me of Cider when she was little. Well that's a good start for spring cleaning : ) What I really want to do next is paint my kitchen : )

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter Blogging Friends!
I hope you had a great time with family and friends
and enjoyed lots of yummy treats : )
I think my favorite "yummy" was this cute Ice Cream Cake.

I bought a wonderful standing bunny for Easter this year. I think he is quite charming.
He looks great with the Easter Egg I received from Monica, The White Bench. We participated in an Easter Swap last year. I still love all your wonderful creations Monica!

My new cats have become best buddies and enjoy being kittens together. Luckily their markings are slightly different so I can tell them apart : )

Happy Easter ! Looking forward to Spring : )

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ian Stuart ~ Designer ~ Bridal Wedding Gown

Here are the photos of a stunning gown I acquired recently for my online Bridal Boutique ~ to be listed shortly. It is made by UK Bridal Designer Ian Stuart. Ian's award winning designs are highly sought after by bride's all around the world.

These first two pictures were taken in the evening ~ which brings out rich gold tones. The wedding dress is a lovely shade of ivory in the daylight.

Ian Stuart began his training at Bellville Sassoon, one of London's finest couture houses and is know for creating gowns for socialites and members of the Royal Family.
With more than a decade of knowledge and experience in London and New York behind him, Ian launched his own bridal wear brand in 2003. Based in London, the collection designed by Ian Stuart Ltd was an instant success.

Ian Stuart has won numerous awards including:
2010 - Best Bridal Designer
2008 - Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award
2006 and 2007 UK Bridal Designer of the Year
2004 and 2005 - Best Bridal Designer & Designer Of The Year - Bridal Buyer Awards (UK);
1999 - Best New Designer Of The Year - Brides Magazine (UK)

It is said that "Launching his own brand has allowed Ian to concentrate on creating collections which truly reflect his passion for innovative bridal design, without any restraints or compromise."
As quoted by One Wedding: "Ian provides brides-to-be with a luxurious and diverse selection of shapes, colours and fabrics to reflect their own individual style."
As shown on the original tag, this gown sold for a considerable amount.
I am selling this gown for less than half of the tag price.

I have many more photos if you wish to see them.

The gown is a North American size 10. It has a 36 inch bust and a 29 inch waist (a bit large for my size 8 mannequin). The dress has a 3 foot train and a 46 inch skirt (waist to front hemline).
Gown is in Excellent Condition
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beaded Wedding Gowns for the Bride-to-be

Spring always inspires me to update the Wedding Gowns in my Etsy shop. I found two gorgeous gowns last week. Once the sun decides to come back to Southern Ontario I will do a photo-shoot of each gown. These cloudy days create too many shadows and I want my photos to justify these pretties : )

I love the champagne and gold tones with the heavily beaded bodice.
So pretty and such a flattering shade on so many brides-to-be.

The second gown is a lighter shade of cream or ivory with sparkling crystal trim.

Lovely gowns! ~ More photos soon.

FYI ~ both gowns are a size 10.