Monday, October 26, 2009

Ottawa 25th Vintage Clothing Sale ~ Nov 15, 2009

The 25th Ottawa Vintage Clothing show is just around the corner. It is on Sunday November 15, 2009. Three weeks until the big day! I am a vendor this year at the show. I will be in booth #11 ~ in the Ballroom, at the Chateau Laurier Hotel, downtown Ottawa.

A few weeks before the show I start to think . . . do I have enough? I want to go on a spending frenzy and buy more, more, more! But alas, after looking at all my treasures I can conclude that I do indeed have enough. My husband concurs!!! The hard part is deciding what not to bring, LOL. For now, . . . I'll focus on my favourites.

Two rhinestone bows adorn this royal blue gown. These are oldies . . . with the "C" clasp at the back.

This gown flows so beautifully.

As many of you know . . . I have a love for lace. I think I will bring less than I did last year . . . but I will still have some beautiful Victorian pieces to offer.

The aprons and vintage lingerie did very well last year. I will sort through them all and make my final selections this week.

Edwardian lace is just amazing. These old undergarments make wonderful doll dresses ~ if you can bear to cut them!

This all white 1950s vintage Prom Dress will be the Belle of the Ball at the show.

Red and black can be difficult to photograph I find. This black beauty is stunning . . . I hope you can see the detail in the photos.

Just perfect for Christmas or New Years Eve.

The red gown is a designer dress by ~ Edith Flagg ~ California

This teal prom dress is silk. The matching jacket is so sweet.

A very full skirt that shimmers in the light.

I have 25 vintage coats this year ! Can't wait to get my new garment racks delivered.

I just love this cream Swing Coat with the matching mink muff and collar. So pretty!

Plaid is really in this year. I have dozens of plaid items ~ coats, shawls, scarves, dresses and skirts.

I love the pattern on this coat. Very 60s.

I have lots of casual dresses and skirts too.

Hope to see you at the show !!! Stop by and say "Hi"


Kim's Treasures said...

I love your vintage clothing items! I especially love a couple of the dresses and jackets!

The White Bench said...

You know I'd love to come and say hello!!! What gorgeous selection of dresses you have! Love the blue one (naturally) and the lace gowns are to die for!!!!!!!!
Good luck with your sales!

Chrissie said...

Hi Karen, thanks for your blog post and for asking after Ben. He is fine thank you but I admit to having had a bout of 'blogger's block' lately. You know how it is sometimes when other things seem to 'take over'. I will get back to it again soon and really appreciate you dropping in on me. Hope you and Cider are well.


Victorian Cottage North said...

I'll see you there. I haven't done the show since 2001 and I am setting up again this year. After reading your post I really don't have enough merchandise. Dianne

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Dianne! What booth # will you be in? I think once you start packing up your items you'll see that you do have a lot. That's what I find anyways :) Karen

Victorian Cottage North said...

#41. I'm in the room across the hall. I think you will be next to my friend Cyndy. I will stop by and say hi. I don't have as many clothes as I would like but I did pick up 25 hats at a sale tonight. 30's, 40's & 50's. It's lots of fun getting ready. Dianne

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Wow Dianne! 25 Hats!!! You scored!!! Happy Halloween :)