Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Southern Belles ~ Yellow, Blue and Pink

I have three small Duchess Doll Corp. dolls from the 1950s that have been patiently waiting for their make-overs. Yesterday I completed the work and today I managed to finish the pictures. A nice sunny day always makes for better pictures : ) These gals are all ready for Spring!

The first is a cute Brunette with a yellow, pink and blue gown. She has the sweetest face!

I gave her hat feathers and vintage velvet pansies. She now holds a pretty blue bouquet of tiny Millinery and vintage ribbon. Her full crinoline makes her a true Southern Belle.

If you prefer pink and blue for your decor, this little doll is just the one for you!

~ I added the vintage white bells and gave her a Velvet Floral and Feathered Hat ~

This Southern Belle is pretty in Pink.
Her wispy feathers are original and the vintage flowers are my addition.

These dolls will be in my Etsy shop shortly
Cider Update: We went to the Vet this morning to get Cider's stitches out. She still has to wear the cone for at least 2 weeks (possibly 4 weeks). There is one area where it just needs more time to heal. Very slowly it seems. She is always worn out after a trip to the Vet and certainly slept well this afternoon. She has a pretty pink bandage to show off !

Mummy Update: I almost fainted at the Vet today !!!! Seriously . . .this is not an early April Fools joke. I thought I was fine . . . just watching and talking while the surgeon removed stitches and cleaned the wound etc, etc. I guess I watched more than I should. All of sudden I realized I needed to sit down . . . immediately. I was soooooo embarrassed and white as a ghost apparently. The problem was we were in the "Procedure Room" and there were no chairs to be found any where. Luckily, Cider needs 4 Vet Techs to help with her so called "procedures ." One of the many technicians ran and got me a stool to sit on. This worked for a few minutes. Then I was relocated to a real chair and given some water. My poor dog had to carry on without me. She was returned to me with a nice pink bandage and wagging her tail happily.
I guess I will never be a Vet Tech.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Etsy Shop Update

I have added several lovely table linens and lace table toppers to my Etsy Shop. This tablecloth is perfect for spring . . . I just love the butterfly and detailed embroidery along the edge.

I also have some amazing Antique Velvet for those of you that like to make your own creations out of vintage textiles. This velvet is scrumptious!

Another Beauty ~ Floral detail and Scrolls

Elaborate Drawn-work and Embroidery

Such a pretty Lace Table Topper

and Italian Linens

There are also other goodies not previewed here . . . . hope to have my shop inventory up to 50 again soon : ) Have a great weekend !

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cookies and Coffee

I ate them all! Yep, every single one! Fortunately for me my children don't appreciate almonds . . . tsk tsk . . . all the more for Mommy : ) My husband probably would have liked these wonderful cookies from Italy, but he doesn't really have a sweet tooth . . . and he is just too slow to beat me to the last one. So I enjoyed them all and finished the last one this morning with my coffee. I did stretch it out over the week . . . really I did.

Thank you again Monica . . . for organizing such a fun Easter Swap!
I have moved a few more items from my website over to Etsy and hope to have a lot more listed in the next week or so.

My Vet says the worst is over for Cider and she just needs time to heal. She is on antibiotics to stop a small infection but other than that she is doing very well. Better than me I think . . . the Vet basically told me to "chill". So I am . . . .with cookies and coffee : )


Update: Boy she's FAST !!!

So I take my Vet's advice . . . just relax, chill, zen . I decide to have a long shower while sweet innocent pup sleeps on a nice flannel blanket. I come back down stairs to a laughing Hyena! Look Mom! . . . . no bandage . . . . isn't that neat : )

That blanket just got in the way of my mission . . . . honest!
Oh . . . I'm sorry Mom . . . I'll let you put a new bandage on immediately. I promise to leave it alone (Big brown eyes).

Well . . . maybe just one more time !

Those sad eyes work every time !!!!

Isn't there something you forgot to do upstairs?????

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Easter Swap Package Arrived Today!

Thank you Monica at The White Bench . We are participating in an Easter Swap. My lovely pretties from Italy arrived today. I do believe I am officially spoiled : ). It was so nice to receive your package after my difficult week, last week. Your wrapping is so pretty I just had to take a few pictures before I opened everything . . . much to my son's dismay! Just open them . . . he encouraged. Open the square one first! (radar for chocolate, LOL).

Well . . . you have to open the card first I told him . . . . handmade with bunnies, glitter and vintage papers . . . so pretty! Must get my camera . . . . more delay, LOL.

Even the ribbon is adorable . . . Pretties for You !

The Wreath is Amazing Monica ~ I can enjoy it this Spring and all Summer!

Look at that sweet birdie amongst the roses, feathers and ribbons.

The Easter Egg is gorgeous with cream lace and a realistic birdie.
I agree it can be enjoyed all year long.
I will even put it on my Christmas tree : )

A Wishing Angel ~ we can all use those ~ I will share mine : )

A pretty green candle, scented soaps, china bell and spices.

The Spice arrangement represents Prosperity ~ both Spiritual and Material.

I'll have to add pics of the chocolate on my next post! Those Italian cookies are amazing!!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful and generous Easter Swap ~ Just Beautiful : )

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Casey and Cider

Yep, that's Cider on the family room couch. . . . ah well it's a brown sofa, LOL. Cider does have her own doggy chair but she can't curl up very well right now. Stretching out is better. Cider's leg is very bald from surgery, but her fur will grow back in soon enough. So far we have been able to avoid the lamp shade collar. She really didn't like it and started to try and scratch it off with her hind legs . . . not good. We bandage her leg at night instead and she leaves it alone. So far so good. I'll sleep on the couch until the stitches are out to make sure she doesn't get into mischief. She'll have to make do with the dog mat at night, LOL. The jingling of her tags wakes me up when she is moving around so I should be able to stop her from removing the bandage.

My daughter is doing fine too after her tooth surgery, but didn't want to be photographed all puffy. Can't really blame her! Her friends have dropped by with gifts and well wishes, which is keeping her spirits up.

Casey 1989 ~ 2009

Sweet ol' Casey ~ our 20 year old cat ~ left us yesterday . . . on the First Day of Spring, 2009. He was two decades old. I can picture him leaping into heaven with a youthful pounce!

This is a Happy post and a Tribute for an amazing cat that really did think he was a dog and every one's Best Friend ~ Even if it was a small dog! He out smarted all the dogs in our neighborhood. One particular small yappy thing (that is always permitted to wander by its owner) used to chase Casey a fair bit until one day . . . Casey ran into our back yard with the yappy fur-ball in hot pursuit. Casey knew that Cider just happened to be out enjoying our new deck. It was like Casey was saying "come meet my friend" with a grin of satisfaction. Needless to say . . .FuFu gave Casey a lot more respect after that.
I adopted Casey when he was one year old, from the Toronto Humane Society. It was the week before Valentine's Day and the week before I got engaged! It was just Casey and I way back then. I named him "Casey" (as in Case things out) because he was always into things and always checking things out. He always wore an ID tag with my phone number. Some of my favorite memories:

The inspector . . . . Do these pool guys know what they are doing?
Why is there so much pink stuff in the water?

Casey inspected everything . In his younger days, when we lived in Toronto, Casey was well known in the neighborhood. He liked to sit in the Kayak on the roof of my mom's car (he almost went for a drive a few times but he always popped up just in time).

Then there was the Real Estate Agent at the nearby model home that phoned and said "Casey has spent the night on the King size bed in the Master Suite and should really go home now . . . as they would be opening soon."

Or the Principal at the local Catholic School that said "he keeps following the children to school and pays particular attention to the cross walk. "

When we lived near a ravine in Toronto, a neighbor told me he saw Casey outrun and escape being caught by a fox when he scaled the six foot chain link fence around the baseball field and then jumped down into the ball diamond for safety. Once safely protected by the fence, he casually waited for the fox to leave!

He followed me to the subway one winter day in the early 1990's for several city blocks. He was hiding and running from snow bank to snow bank on the opposite side of the road. I was glad I spotted him just before I got to the subway entrance! I had to go all the way home and then back to the subway and explain to my boss why I was so late that day.

He was also great with kids! Thanks, but I'll wait to have breakfast when "my" girl wakes up.

I'd help husk that corn if I could, LOL.

He needed to have an eye removed many years ago. People thought I was silly spending money on a 13 year old cat. He lived until 20 . . . so we showed them !

He was a compassionate cat. He visited the lady next door every day last summer when she was having a very difficult few months. He seemed to know that she needed his daily visit. She would call and let me know where he was.


These are just a few of the stories that come to mind when I think of this wonderful cat.

Casey is like the Marley of the cat world : ) I will miss him xoxoxxo

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Things Happen in Three's . . .

My Favorite Rocks

Life can certainly bulk up in threes. My daughter has surgery today to remove a misplaced tooth that happens to be hiding up above her two front teeth. It was discovered on X-ray and will harm the roots of her adult teeth if it stays. Such a tooth is nicknamed a "Unicorn Tooth" by Dentists. My daughter will be losing her Unicorn status at 11:15am today. She is nervous but her Best Friend made her some good luck jewelry yesterday. How sweet is that!


Cider and I obtained a second opinion yesterday. We met with the most wonderful Aussie Vet Specialist who is now living in Canada. I think I love Aussie's : ). He is considered one of the best Surgical Oncologist's (Cancer surgeons) the world has to offer. I am very impressed with him and so happy he is within an hour drive from our home. Thank you Australia : ) Cider didn't make a fuss at all (which she often does at the Vet). She sat quietly on the floor during her exam. Maybe she liked the Aussie accent, LOL. Dr. Liptak fit Cider's surgery in within 24 hours of her consultation and he has an 80% success rate for this type of surgery (without chemo or radiation). If we fall in the 20% (surface cancer on her leg grows back) the surgery can be repeated which will still give my lovely dog many more years. The solution I wanted without the $10,000 price tag the first specialist quoted.
Cider's surgery is also today. We have gone from cancelled surgery by the General Vet to full speed ahead with the specialist. We would not have chosen today as the day, but we are happy to be made a priority. The specialist goes away for a full month next week, so we needed to accept the last available spot on his schedule. My husband took Cider to the Vet Hospital at 7:00am this morning. She will likely stay for 24 hours.

Our third pending Hospital visit relates to our 20 year old cat Casey. He is struggling. I think (well . . . I know) it is his time. I was hoping he would peacefully pass away in his sleep but realize that life isn't usually that simple. We are lucky to have enjoyed him for two full decades. That is quite unusual for a male cat. He was my cat before I got married or had children. I need to be his friend when he needs me most, as difficult as they may be. He has been a perfect pet.

Friends Forever

Monday, March 16, 2009

Easter Swap ~ Off to Italy!

I am in an Easter Swap with Monica at The White Bench . Since Monica lives in Italy and I live in Canada I thought I should mail my package early. It will be in the mail today!

I am happy with how my Easter goodies came together to make a pretty display. This post is a "spoiler" so if you want your package contents to be a surprise Ms. Monica . . . you shouldn't scroll down any further.

The secret is out : )

I know Monica loves Blue and White so I tried to include these colors.

I used raised floral lace instead of a basket, so it looks like the rabbits are in a garden.

Both bunnies are holding blue flowers.

The Easter Egg is decorated with Blue and White Millinery

Monica did mention she is on a diet and did not want any chocolate. I think Easter and Christmas should be the official cheat on your diet days! . . . . so I did include two ever-so-tiny chocolate bunnies.

I added a sheer white vintage hanky with blue embroidery and the cutest mini clothes-peg with felt petals and a button daisy.

Happy Easter Monica!

Enjoy your goodies. I hope they arrive quickly and safely.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blogland Slumber Party ~ Vintage Treasures

Happy Birthday Phyllis! I am thrilled to join your Blogland Slumber Party. I have my Pillow, PJs, Teddy Bears, Treats and a good story all ready ! You can join the fun at

The fun starts on March 10th. I needed to post a bit early.

So let's start with the treats !!!! I hope you like chocolate : )

and a cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate perhaps . . . .

This 1920's vintage bonnet is a beauty ! You can wear it if you want, LOL.

Some Edwardian Bloomers . . . . don't laugh too loud.

and of course my antique teddy bear!

I brought along a few extra quilts in case its really cold !

It doesn't feel like Spring yet in Canada.

So . . . . pull up your pillow and listen to a spooky story. It's true even ! I have been told by visitors to our home that the guest bedroom is . . . well . . . occupied.

. . . it can be rather spooky for some people at night.

Did you see that?

z z z z z Nope z z z z z z

What's so scary about pink, ruffles and vintage clothing ?

Right there . . . . on the left side of the picture . . .

Looks to me like the dog can see it!

I think it looks tall and white and stands near the foot of the bed!!!

IT IS tall . . . and white . . . .and located near the foot of the bed !!!!!

It's an Edwardian Tea Dress that belonged to Sarah Alice Jackson

1854 - 1937


Do you think my guests see the Dress Form or do they see Sarah ??????

You'll have to sleep over and let me know!

Sweet Dreams !