Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Southern Belles ~ Yellow, Blue and Pink

I have three small Duchess Doll Corp. dolls from the 1950s that have been patiently waiting for their make-overs. Yesterday I completed the work and today I managed to finish the pictures. A nice sunny day always makes for better pictures : ) These gals are all ready for Spring!

The first is a cute Brunette with a yellow, pink and blue gown. She has the sweetest face!

I gave her hat feathers and vintage velvet pansies. She now holds a pretty blue bouquet of tiny Millinery and vintage ribbon. Her full crinoline makes her a true Southern Belle.

If you prefer pink and blue for your decor, this little doll is just the one for you!

~ I added the vintage white bells and gave her a Velvet Floral and Feathered Hat ~

This Southern Belle is pretty in Pink.
Her wispy feathers are original and the vintage flowers are my addition.

These dolls will be in my Etsy shop shortly
Cider Update: We went to the Vet this morning to get Cider's stitches out. She still has to wear the cone for at least 2 weeks (possibly 4 weeks). There is one area where it just needs more time to heal. Very slowly it seems. She is always worn out after a trip to the Vet and certainly slept well this afternoon. She has a pretty pink bandage to show off !

Mummy Update: I almost fainted at the Vet today !!!! Seriously . . .this is not an early April Fools joke. I thought I was fine . . . just watching and talking while the surgeon removed stitches and cleaned the wound etc, etc. I guess I watched more than I should. All of sudden I realized I needed to sit down . . . immediately. I was soooooo embarrassed and white as a ghost apparently. The problem was we were in the "Procedure Room" and there were no chairs to be found any where. Luckily, Cider needs 4 Vet Techs to help with her so called "procedures ." One of the many technicians ran and got me a stool to sit on. This worked for a few minutes. Then I was relocated to a real chair and given some water. My poor dog had to carry on without me. She was returned to me with a nice pink bandage and wagging her tail happily.
I guess I will never be a Vet Tech.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear it wasn't such a good trip to the vet. I hope you are feeling better and that your pup is too......Your dolls are beautiful, I remember years ago my grandmother having a doll similar to the first one you pictured, I wonder what ever happened to it. I enjoy loooking at your blog, have a nice evening! Jennifer

The French Bear said...

Aww....... I hope you are okay now? Love the little dolls!
Margaret B

TattingChic said...

The dolls are lovely!

Poor Cider! Hope she heals soon so she can get that cone and bandage off! :)

Natasha Burns said...

Oh gosh what an experience at the vet for both you and Cider! I do love that pink bandage and hope she gets better quickly. Maybe looking at the sweet dolls might cheer both of you up :)

Nancy said...

OMG Karen...Hope you are okay now. A little scary when you feel like that!
Cider looks content...hope he recovers soon. If we ever get spring, the warm sun will help.

Love your dolls...very pretty. I think I like the blue one best.

Have a great day.
Hugs, Nancy

Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
Poor baby, (cider, not you) LOL! I hope her leg heals faster with the new stuff. She's been through a lot! I guess our family would never have made doctors or even nurses *grin*!


The Victorian Parlor said...

I'm glad that Cider is doing so well. Our dogs have had to wear those cones in the past following surgical procedures. They would walk through the house knocking into the things and looking at us with desperation as if to say 'get this thing off of me!' I will continue to pray for cider's recovery:)



Lynn said...

Beautiful transformations Karen :)
Sorry about your trip to the vet, but I can understand, I would probably be the same way. It's always worse when it is someone you love.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Oh my, I am so sorry for my cackling laugh...it is just, that I am the same. I do not know how many times a well intended doc or vet will give me "too much information" and not realize my eyes are dilating, my lips numbing and my ears are ringing WHILE I am sitting.

Kim's Treasures said...

Pretty dolls!

So glad Cider is doing well! It's so hard to see them recover sometimes!

Annabelle said...

Lovely dolls. Sorry to hear about Cider but good that he is doing okay. I too had a mishap with my knee last week need x-rays this Monday.....yuk...not good for these kind of things.At least there is always someone at home who is the doctor!Take good care of Cider.
Hugs Annabelle

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Cider's a real trooper! Love the pink bandage! I'm sure you were having "sympathy emotion" for your sweet dog. Love your dolls. Love the southern belle!


Artsy Fartsy said...

Bless her and your heart, she is just precious in that pink bandage!!