Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ian Stuart ~ Designer ~ Bridal Wedding Gown

Here are the photos of a stunning gown I acquired recently for my online Bridal Boutique ~ to be listed shortly. It is made by UK Bridal Designer Ian Stuart. Ian's award winning designs are highly sought after by bride's all around the world.

These first two pictures were taken in the evening ~ which brings out rich gold tones. The wedding dress is a lovely shade of ivory in the daylight.

Ian Stuart began his training at Bellville Sassoon, one of London's finest couture houses and is know for creating gowns for socialites and members of the Royal Family.
With more than a decade of knowledge and experience in London and New York behind him, Ian launched his own bridal wear brand in 2003. Based in London, the collection designed by Ian Stuart Ltd was an instant success.

Ian Stuart has won numerous awards including:
2010 - Best Bridal Designer
2008 - Outstanding Contribution to the Industry Award
2006 and 2007 UK Bridal Designer of the Year
2004 and 2005 - Best Bridal Designer & Designer Of The Year - Bridal Buyer Awards (UK);
1999 - Best New Designer Of The Year - Brides Magazine (UK)

It is said that "Launching his own brand has allowed Ian to concentrate on creating collections which truly reflect his passion for innovative bridal design, without any restraints or compromise."
As quoted by One Wedding: "Ian provides brides-to-be with a luxurious and diverse selection of shapes, colours and fabrics to reflect their own individual style."
As shown on the original tag, this gown sold for a considerable amount.
I am selling this gown for less than half of the tag price.

I have many more photos if you wish to see them.

The gown is a North American size 10. It has a 36 inch bust and a 29 inch waist (a bit large for my size 8 mannequin). The dress has a 3 foot train and a 46 inch skirt (waist to front hemline).
Gown is in Excellent Condition
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Monday, March 29, 2010

Beaded Wedding Gowns for the Bride-to-be

Spring always inspires me to update the Wedding Gowns in my Etsy shop. I found two gorgeous gowns last week. Once the sun decides to come back to Southern Ontario I will do a photo-shoot of each gown. These cloudy days create too many shadows and I want my photos to justify these pretties : )

I love the champagne and gold tones with the heavily beaded bodice.
So pretty and such a flattering shade on so many brides-to-be.

The second gown is a lighter shade of cream or ivory with sparkling crystal trim.

Lovely gowns! ~ More photos soon.

FYI ~ both gowns are a size 10.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Pets and kids certainly do seem to be keeping me very busy lately. It was March Break for the kids this week in Ontario. What great weather we have had! It feels like May or June right now. I think it might be a bit early to get the sandals out, but I certainly am enjoying it !!!

Don't these Easter eggs look good enough to eat? I found them recently and couldn't resist them. I had to make it clear to my son and daughter that they are not really chocolate. You can buy some too at the Blackbird in Almonte, Ontario. You can visit the Blackbird online as well.

Well a year has just flown by.
Last year at this time Cider was having surgery on her leg.
We are happy to report that today is Cider's 1 Year Anniversary ~ Cancer free : )

My girlfriend from Toronto was visiting a few days ago.
Thanks so much for the pretty flowers Darla!

Sidney or "Sid the Kid" as his namesake is called seems to be fitting in very well. Sidney and Holly are still figuring out who will be the top feline. Sidney is currently only half of Holly's size (6 months vs. 1 year). I think he will keep trying for top spot. He is very laid back right now . . . but very determined too. Time will tell how his personality develops.

Ms. Holly wishes all the little bugs that have come to life during the last few days of warm weather were on the inside of the glass. I am fine with the way things are, lol.

Hope you have had an early Spring too!
Back to work on Monday : )

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More change ~ Double Trouble

As several of you know . . . our older cat Jersey passed away in January. Jersey was 16 years old and had used up many of her 9 lives over the years. Liver problems, eating issues, a Hyperthyroid and old age to name a few of her challenges. Her kidneys decided to retire at the end of January. As sad as it was to put her down . . . we new it was time. She was a good girl and I miss her.
This left our much younger cat Holly without a feline friend. We were informed by the local Humane Society that her brother was in foster care and would likely be available for adoption at the end of February. Last week we brought home Sidney. . . . Yes, as in "Sidney Crosby" for all you Canadian hockey fans :D. Sid the Kid scored the winning overtime goal for the Canadian Olympic Hockey Team. This active little guy will try his best to live up to his name sake.

Looks a lot like his sister ~ don't you think? Double Trouble I guess :D
He is 6 months younger though ~ same mother, different litter.

Their mother is available at the Ottawa Humane Society if anyone is interested in adopting her. She prefers a family without dogs . . . so we chose the brother instead.

As for my wonder pup Cider . . . she can't keep up with all this feline change. Big yawn!
Just let me know when everyone is settled in she says.