Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Flea Market ~ Pretty Treasures

Welcome to Friday Flea Market! You can see my recent finds in Ciderantiques' Etsy shop .
I just love this little dress. Delicate cotton with Floral embroidery and French knots.
So Sweet !

~ A silk Boudoir Cap with pretty roses and lace trim ~

Likely from the 1920s or earlier

~ Vintage Feathers and a Linen Hanky with embroidery and lace ~

~ Hand Crocheted Gloves ~

Another Pretty Hanky is included with the gloves

You can visit the other hosts by clicking the pink Friday Flea Market banner (left side of my Blog Roll). Thank you to our host Polly .
My son and my husband have their Birthday's this week. We have 3 September Birthdays in our household so it is a busy month. Hope you have a great weekend ! Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Auction Day!

Today was Auction Day at this lovely Heritage Farm House.

We were fortunate to have wonderful weather and sunshine all day!

We sorted, organized and catalogued thousands of items into 800 lots over the last week.

The sale started at 8:30 am and went until 4:30 in the afternoon. There were three Auctioneer's rotating every hour or so. My job was to be one of the "Finders". We need to find the next item to be auctioned and bring it to the front for the Auctioneers. Small or Large . . . we need to bring it! (I have a whole new appreciation for keeping an Auction running smoothly ~ much easier to sit and bid, LOL).

My husband and children came by to stay for a while and took some pictures. That's me hoppin' to it . . . no dilly dally here.

Between all the running I did manage to win 14 lots (shhhh . . . you lose count after a while, LOL).

I bought some wonderful things. Linens and Irish Crochet.

Vintage Hankies, Fabric and Net Lace

Purses, Vintage Clothing and Hats.

I 'll take better pictures of my treasures tomorrow.

It was a great day !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Busy Bee Fairy ~ Please !!!!

I have been quite busy over the last week or so, helping a local Auctioneer get ready for a huge Auction on Saturday September 20th. There will be antiques from over 80 Estates. It really is an amazing sale and I hope to win many lots of linens, lace and vintage clothing.

It is fun to help out with the set-up for such a large auction. I have enjoyed the week long preview of all the treasures! I will also have more spending money on auction day, LOL. "In one hand and out the other" as the saying goes!

I do, however, think I need a Busy Bee Fairy to help me out with the boring everyday tasks at home (that seem to be piling up). Wouldn't that be nice? I an hoping this little gal will help me out, but she just smiles and laughs.

I will be at the Auction House most of Friday, helping to catalogue approximately 700 lots for the early start at 8:30 am on Saturday morning. I'll try and get some pictures tomorrow. The Auction is going to held at a beautiful Heritage Home in Ottawa, Ontario.

~~~no Friday Flea Market for me this week ~~~~~~

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mazes for all Ages !!!!

This is a really fun place to visit if you want to feel like a kid again. Saunder's Farm in Ottawa has a dozen or more mazes made from various plants ~ Cedar, Spruce and Corn are used the most. We went there a few weeks ago with some friends and had a great time. I thought I would share my pictures. What a beautiful place!
The mazes start out easy . . . . a nice spiral (hard to get lost here).
Makes for a very pretty picture too : )

The Central Tower offers comfort . . . if you really do get lost in the harder mazes!

They get more complicated quickly.

Be sure and go with people you like, LOL

Some of the mazes are rather intimidating right from the start.

Some signs recommend you allow at least 45 minutes to complete the maze!

We needed the time !

We found the middle eventually.

And exit eventually, too, LOL

A fun place to visit with family and friends : )

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Flea Market ~ Pretty Vintage Fabrics

Hello! I am late to the Market today . . . . a slow rainy day seemed just right for cutting fabric lots, measuring and taking photos (but it took me much longer than expected). With no further delay . . . my fabric lots are now complete and can be found in my Etsy Shop .
I also posted pictures of my Cosmos flowers (planted from a .99 cent package of seeds last May). They are almost 6 feet tall now! I will definitely plant them again next Spring.

I Wish summer would last a bit longer, don't you !


Thanks again to our host Polly. Please visit the other vendors at the Friday Flea Market Blog. Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Vintage Clothing Show ~ Chateau Laurier

There is an amazing Vintage Clothing Show in Ottawa, Ontario every November. This year the 24th annual Vintage Clothing and Textiles Show will be held on Sunday November 9, 2008. I have updated this post to announce that I will be a vendor at this year's show!
The show is held in the beautiful Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa.

This pretty castle has certainly inspired me to find some stunning Vintage Dresses.

I love this blue Tulle Prom Dress

Tulle and lace make a lovely combination!

So pretty and delicate . . .

My daughter hopes this one never sells . . . . LOL

Lace and rhinestones are beautiful too.
and I couldn't resist this little pink and white cutie

Hope to see you at the show !


Friday, September 5, 2008

Friday Flea Market ~ Fans and Fancies

Welcome to Friday Flea Market ~ My theme this week is Fans and Fancies. I have two beautiful Victorian Fans and Fancy table toppers listed in my shop ~

The first fan has lovely detail on both sides ~ with gold images ~ birds and florals

A pretty lace table topper ~ perfect for your favorite centerpiece

Another Victorian Fan with Floral detail and feathers!

A pretty lunceon set with Bun-warmer, napkins and Battenburg Lace

Have a great weekend and thanks for dropping by !
Please visit the Friday Flea Market Blog to see the many other treasures offered this week.