Monday, September 1, 2008

Mom . . . .I fell off my bike . . . .

My son's back to school t-shirt pretty much sums up his day today (the night before school starts). A young boy airborne over bike ~ Bike wins. Ouch!

The shirt doesn't seem quite so appealing now.

Three hours and 10 big stitches later at the local Emergency we are finally home.

We are told he will have a Harry Potter type scar on his lower calf.

Our dog Cider knows something is wrong . . . . big sympathy kisses for "her boy". I guess my son will have a great story to tell on the first day of school. Well , it is almost 11:30pm, Ontario time, so we are all off to bed. Night, Night.

Isn't she sweet!


Nancy said...

Oh Karen...I hope your son feels better soon. Having had two boys, one of which at the age of 16 decided it would be a good idea to go over a ramp on a bike on gravel and end up with a broken collar bone...this and many broken bones between the two of have my complete sympathy!

Cider looks so content in the sun. They do have a keen sense if something is wrong.

Take care. Talk soon.
Hugs, Nancy

Chrissie said...

Oh ouch!! I do hope your DS is okay Karen. Isn't it just wonderful how our sweet animals know when we are sick or hurt and they are always right there to offer sympathy and concern. Gotta love them :))))

Mya said...

Hi Karen,
Your poor son. I hope he feels better. I can relate to his pain I had a rough week myself. Burned my self with boiling water (2nd degree burns) The next day my little granddaughter jumped on me and ripped the blisters open. Two days later I ended up with a mouth abcess from an infection in the root of my tooth that badly needs a root canal. I am deathly afraid of dentists but I may have to give in once the infection is gone.
Lets hope for a better week for everyone :)
Take care,

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Thanks Gals! My son loves the messages too. International sympathy is always good, LOL.

So sorry you had a rough weekend Mya. Me too! We were at the Hospital Emergency from 2:00am to 4:00am the night before because my neice was having an Asthma attack. Two trips in one weekend is more than enough :(

Thank you for the well wishes. My "DS" likes reading them.

~ Karen

Brenda said...

My goodnes Karen, OUCH!! I'm glad you let the poor fellow have a day off of school. That must have been traumatic. I hope he feels better soon.



Gramma Sue said...

How I wished I lived closer, so I could give you a great big hug. Have mom deliver one for me.

Love, Gramma Sue

PS: Girls LOVE scars :-)

Draffin Bears said...

Goodness Karen ... your poor Son having such a nasty fall off his bike.

I hope that he feels better soon.


Deb said...

OH MY Gosh Karen how scary is that!! What a brave trooper your Super "D" is, that must have been some tumble. Kids sure know how to shake things up don't they. Hope you feel better Super "D" and leave the flying to the birds, OKAY!!! Take care Deb