Monday, September 8, 2008

Vintage Clothing Show ~ Chateau Laurier

There is an amazing Vintage Clothing Show in Ottawa, Ontario every November. This year the 24th annual Vintage Clothing and Textiles Show will be held on Sunday November 9, 2008. I have updated this post to announce that I will be a vendor at this year's show!
The show is held in the beautiful Chateau Laurier Hotel in downtown Ottawa.

This pretty castle has certainly inspired me to find some stunning Vintage Dresses.

I love this blue Tulle Prom Dress

Tulle and lace make a lovely combination!

So pretty and delicate . . .

My daughter hopes this one never sells . . . . LOL

Lace and rhinestones are beautiful too.
and I couldn't resist this little pink and white cutie

Hope to see you at the show !



Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
Yes, I can see your girl eyeing a few of these for future proms LOL! They are gorgeous - I hope you get into the show. It sounds gorgeous.



Mya said...

How beautiful. I love, love the prom dress; so girly!

Draffin Bears said...

What an amazing Chateau Karen.
That will be wonderful to attend the show and see all those gorgeous dresses.

You will feel like a Princess being there!


Deb said...

YIPPEE!!!! I knew they would love you, your stuff is amazing and is perfect for this show. Big Congratulations on getting in how exciting. Now you have a full blown excuse to hit the stores. Looks like you have a pretty good head start those dresses are to die for. FUN! FUN! FUN!! You are going to do great.
Hugs Deb

Nancy said...
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Nancy said...

Hi Karen...

Okay, the "deleted author" was me...I should read before I post!

Congratulations on being selected as a vendor. I am so happy for you.

Love those dresses...I really love the blue tulle and creamy dresses. I would love to have them. They are so gorgeous!

Have a wonderful time at the "castle". I wish you much success at the show.

Hugs, Nancy

Jenn said...

Congratulations Karen.... what an adventure! Wish I could come down for it... maybe I will!! Best of luck to you. If I do come I will find you and introduce myself!

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hey Jenn! That would be great if you could make it. I am located in booth #2 (still to be confirmed) at this point. It is second on the right as you enter the main doors of the Ballroom. I would love to meet you!

~ Karen

Cami said...

I just acquired the most beautiful off white strapless prom dress from way back. It's gorg! In fact, I took a close up shot of a necklace for my store and liked it so much I had business cards made. I'd sure love to come way up North and visit you @ the show! Love all your dresses. Esp. the blue. My fav color!

Susie said...

What a lovely collection, i can't resist lace, beeds and tulle,hope you have a wonderful time, that castle looks fantastic.

Lynn said...

WOW, great finds on some amazing vintage clothing :)