Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween !


Happy Halloween everyone ! We had a Pirate ~ Captain Jack ~ theme going on at our house this year. I think the pumpkin looks pretty good, if I do say so myself.

I will share a spooky and true story with you, since it is Halloween. Last summer I was in Picton visiting my Dad at his home in Picton, Ontario. It is a very pretty historic town and one of the oldest in Canada. The local cemetery dates well back into the 1800s. The phrase "History lives here" appears under the sign at the entrance to the Glenwood Cemetery.
For those of you that follow my blog you will remember a wonderful auction I attended last spring. I bought many boxes full of antique clothing. I found out that the owner of the clothing was a woman by the name of Sarah Alice Jackson. The family mentioned that she was born in 1854, but did not know when she passed away. Many of my customers like to know the provenance of a textile or clothing item, if available, so I thought my curiosity about when she passed away might be addressed at the local heritage cemetery.

I was quickly advised that there are over 11,600 graves at this particular cemetery. It is described as the final resting place for many Canadian settlers and their descendants. A quick walk around the property was not likely to lead to the discovery of specific family names, dates and details (without a lot of administrative/local support).

I was with my Father and husband (the kids were too creeped out to join us). We decided to just visit my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother's resting place. Please note the fallen headstone about 4 to the right of my Great Grampa Hawker.

FYI ~ My father has a very active Retirement. He helps to raise funds for numerous charities and causes in Picton. One such fundraiser (a hard sell though it may be) is to raise money for the ongoing maintenance of this historically important area. Many of the headstones have fallen over due to time, weather and age. My Dad noticed the Fallen headstone and walked over to the location and . . . . there it was ! The answer to what I hoped to find ~ Jackson Family members and dates all provided.

It certainly seemed to me that my Great Grampa and my Father lead me right to it, out of 11,600 possible locations!
Here is just one of the many beautiful garments I purchased last May from the Jackson Estate.

So . . . my kids still think we are all nuts, but as the sign says, "History lives here." It is all in how you look at it.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Quilts, Linens and Needlework

Today was the day to unpack the walk-in Linen Closet at the home I am helping to set-up for an Estate Sale. This family has so many amazing treasures. Just look at this stunning Victorian Crazy Quilt. Near Mint condition.

Heavily embroidered and the fabrics are well preserved

Amazing detail ~ I just love the Victorian Fan

I unpacked many intricate tablecloths ~ perfect for Christmas ~ tatting, lace and linen

There are many Cheticamp rug hookings

The little purse is made completely from felt ~ raised floral detail and vibrant colours. It reminds me of a Lenci Doll Dress (they have lots of raised petals and florals).

Now who does this remind you of ? It certainly looks like Cider to me.

Then I found this amazing needlework of a small grey kitten ~ so cute! It reminds me of my cat when he was small.

I do hope I am able to buy some of these wonderful items. The sale isn't until the middle of November. Maybe I will make my Christmas wish list now : )
I have been too busy to participate in the Bloggers Friday Flea Market so I will be taking a break from that for a while. I will still leave the FFM link up on the side of my Blogroll. There are many wonderful sellers participating every week. It is a great way to shop for the holidays.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Treasure Trove of Antiques

This is what has been keeping me very busy lately. I have helping set up a local home for a 3 day Estate sale in mid-November. It will be a spectacular sale! This particular home is a Treasure Trove of goodies. I have really enjoyed helping to set up the entire four bedroom house. We are about half done so far. I have been working with another woman. The two of us have are busily sorting, cleaning and arranging everything in the house. The collection of China is outstanding.

I just love the Blue and Whites ~ I just might have to buy a few of these plates

This formal pattern has over 150 pieces and the dinning room table seats 14

This one cupboard took me a full day to wash and arrange

Today we were far enough along on the first floor to start arranging the second floor. I was in my glory today . . . china is nice but give me vintage toys and linens any day : )

~ Look at all the stunning needlework ~

Tomorrow I get to tackle the walk in Linen Closet (full of lace, quilts and bedding ~ I can't wait )

It is so much fun to unpack all these wonderful antique toys

Boxes of doll houses, dolls and sets of farm animals

Oh . . . . and did I mention that the house is a little . . . well . . . . interesting? Just to keep us on our toes . . . we do feel like we are being watched. Check out the curtain that is right beside the front door. We were both outside when I took this photo. We are ready for Halloween !

Spooky isn't it !!!!

Snow Already

We raced out two nights ago to get new snow boots for the kids. Unfortunately we need them already! We haven't even had Halloween yet and the first snow storm of the season has arrived. Ohhhhhhh Canada!

Here are my daughters new winter white boots with faux fur trim. I give them one week of looking nice . . . . I'll be wishing I bought black soon enough.

I just had to get a pic of my poor scarecrow this morning. Doesn't he look scared!

He is melting in my kitchen now

This guy was on a recent Thanks Giving Post ~ it was 70 degrees just a few weeks ago

He is drip drying in my sink while the snowmen offer to replace his decorating duties.

Wishing it all away by Friday ~ for a much warmer and dryer Halloween.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fall Colours

I thought I would share some of Ontario's spectacular Fall Colours. So very pretty this year!

~ Love those shades of Orange and Yellow all on one tree ~

~ My neighbours tree ~

~ My lovely daughter against our soon to be red Boston Ivy ~

~ Another bright red tone from my garden ~

Halloween is only one week away. Do you have you kids costumes yet? We are still working on it. I guess we will figure it all out this weekend : )

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Dog Lovers Post

I keep meaning to do a post about my dog . . . so today is the day. This post is for all the dog lovers out there in Blogland. I enjoy reading about your pets, so I thought I would share some information about my dog ~ Cider (as in the colour of apple cider). Cider is 8 years old already. Boy time flies by quickly.

She is a Collie - Husky mix (or so we think) and perhaps a bit of German Shepard tossed in. She has many faces. . . .

~ She can look Regal ~

~ Sweet ~

~ Focused ~ (when food is being prepared)

~ Playful ~

Mischevious (she likes chips as much as the kids do)

and even a bit ~ Sad ~ (Cider was sprayed by a skunk this week ~ yuk)

and Happy ~ of course (update: skunk smell all gone now ~ Oct 21st)

Isn't it funny how those big ears can disappear, LOL

Here is a picture of her feathery Husky/Collie Tail

I enjoyed three great doggy books over the last few months.

Chicken Soup, Merle's Door and Marley and Me.

I recommend them all.

All Great books ~ for Dog Lovers : )

Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday Flea Market ~ Vintage Children's Clothing

Welcome to Friday Flea Market ~ my theme this week is Vintage Children's Clothing. You can find these items in the "baby and doll clothing" section of my Etsy Shop .

First up is a sweet soft yellow baby dress with yummy lace ruffles

A sweet wool doll blanket with a bunny rabbit pattern and blue hand knit booties.

An adorable antique baby dress ~ Delicate floral embroidery.

A hand knit sweater with playful kittens ~ great for Fall.

You can see many more wonderful items for sale by clicking the pink Friday Flea Market banner on the left side of my Blog roll. Thanks again to our host Polly : )

Here are some picture of the items I will be taking to a local Vintage Clothing Show in November.

I softened a pincushion block with some lace and a large silk flower. Much better I think : )

I love these silk hankies with the lace detail ~ a perfect set of six ~ all MINT condition.
It will be hard to part with them.

Some wonderful vintage jewelry will add some bling to my booth.

I am slowly getting organized, LOL
I thought I would share a picture of by Birthday gift from my Dad. He gave me this antique print which belonged to my Great Grandmother. I have loved it since I was a little girl. It is quite large and has a lovely gold frame. It will look so pretty in my guest bedroom. (sorry for the glare ~ I'll try and get a better photo soon).
I am thrilled to have it!

Have a great weekend everyone. I am helping with another Auction sale this weekend and hope to find many more treasures : )

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy ThanksGiving Canada!

Fall is upon us . . . the colors are changing quickly and it is already Thanksgiving in Canada.

Wishing my fellow Canadian Bloggers a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with
Family and Friends.

My Friday Flea Market will return next week.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Preparations ~ Exactly 1 month until the Show!

The Ottawa Vintage Clothing Sale is exactly one month away. It is on November 9, 2008 at the Chateau Laurier in Ottawa, Ontario. I decided the best way to prepare, as a vendor, is to take a detailed inventory of my stash :) Each booth is a generous 150 square feet ~ 10 x 15 feet in size. More like a room than a booth.

I decided that I have about 25 categories of items (I know, I know) and I do think I can provide about 25 items of each type. That is a whopping 625 items to organize, price and pack. Whew! It's a good thing I still have a full month left! Yikes.

I shall bring items that will cover all of the following categories:

Vintage Ladies Clothing

Edwardian Clothing

Ladies Lingerie

Shoes and Stockings

Hats and Bonnets


Scarves and Stoles

Jewelry and Purses

Collars and Shawls



Vanity Items

Pincushions and Sachets

Children's Clothing

Doll Clothing

Table Toppers and Runners

Tablecloths and Napkins

Monogrammed Linens

Tatted Doilies and Irish Crochet

Guest Towels

Pillowcases and Bedding

Lace Trims


Fabric Lots


It will certainly be a busy weekend. I (well . . . . my husband ~ thanks hun) made me a spreadsheet to document the best selections for each category. I printed it out and it is 12 pages long ! That certainly puts my workload in perspective. I think a few new rubbermaid storage bins may also be required, LOL. I also have to fit this all in my car.