Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lace and Linen

Many beautiful Lace and Linen Bridal Hankies are available in my Etsy Shop . I just love when vintage hankies retain their original stickers ~ Pure Linen ~ Made in Austria. It doesn't get much better than that!

I also have the most beautiful Net Lace child's gown. It has a tiny separation at the shoulder that I need to mend before I list it . . . but just look at that lace!

Absolutely Gorgeous!

I have some Victorian Bloomers to list as well ~ pintucks and lace all around.

Irish Crochet is a personal favourite!

These hankies are just too pretty to use ~ perfect for your wedding day.

I also listed this lovely tablecloth and napkin set recently.

My new supervisor . . . she is very quiet and doesn't touch a thing :D

She has learned to "stay" and watch while I photograph my work.
How good is that !

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Meet and Greet ~ Pet Introductions Continued

Well, the meet and greet (existing dog ~ new cat) has been going quite slowly. Sweet little kitty has very sharp claws . . . . and Cider is not used to young cats that run at turbo speed. "Who me?" says Holly. My ability to trim those tiny little claws is also a work in progress. Holly is doing well using her scratching post, but it doesn't really trim her nails.

So far the meetings have involved me holding Cider's collar and the cat keeping a respectful distance. We have progressed beyond the peeking door technique . . . but I can't hold the dog and use my camera, lol.

I admitted to my daughter this week that I am indeed a bit nervous about the first unrestrained meeting. . . with no leash or collar involved. She assumed I was worried about the kitten (ha!) and recently realized I am actually more worried about the dog. Cider only has experience with declawed, geriatric cats. I think Cider is in for a shock when she discovers that cats do have claws. "OMG!" My daughter exclaimed. . . . "you're more worried about the dog!" Well . . . maybe, I replied. I have seen an upset cat jump on a dog's back before, with all four sets of claws digging in. Not so fun for our canine friends. So . . . slow and steady it goes.

In the mean time Cider likes the new food bowls, new plush and feathery cat toys and bouncing balls with bells : )