Tuesday, April 29, 2008

~ Blog Award ~

I had the honor and privilege of receiving
this award from Sherry at Edie Marie's Attic
Thank you for thinking me! There are so many talented individuals in blogland... such wonderful people I have met and admired !

Please display the rules for this award:

1. You choose 5 blogs that you would like to grant this Award for their Creativity, Design, Interesting Material, and also for contributing to the Blogging Community, no matter what language.

2. Each Award Winner will be listed by name,
with a link to his/her blog.

3. Each Award Winner will display the Award and acknowledge the person that gave them the award ~ name and link to his/her blog.

4. The Award Winner and the one who has given the prize will show the origin of this award, by posting the link of “Arte y Pico’ blog.


Congratulations! . . . the Award goes to…….

~Polly at Banner of Blessings . Polly is a very generous and friendly woman. She has several blogs ~ including Counting Your Blessings and Social Graces. Polly offers beautiful free blog banners. The pretty vintage hat banner on my blog is from Polly. It is just one of the beautiful vignettes that Polly creates and photographs to make our blogs look pretty ~ and for free !
Thank you Polly!!!

~ Cerri at Little Pink Studio ~ is one of the creators of Show and Tell Sundays. It takes a lot of work to organize a theme and to keep track of the ever changing list of participants that wish to be added to each Show and Tell. We do appreciate all of your hard work ! Thank you again for creating such a fun way to share our collections.
Your blog is pretty in pink and always a treat to read.
Thank you Cerri !!!

~ Analise at Sugar * Sugar ~ is the co-creator of Show and Tell Sundays. I certainly appreciate your friendliness and offers for new people to join up and participate. You have also sought out our suggestions for new ideas and themes.
Your blog is always a pleasure to visit and an inspiration.
Thank you Analise !!!

~ Deb at Land of Nod Studio's ~ always has amazing photography on her blog. Deb uses stunning vintage and victorian images, produces gorgeous Art Cards, Jewelry, Vintage style boxes and keep sakes. I love your work ! Deb is also a personal friend (Wow ~ a local blogger). Deb has given me a wonderful supply of Art Paper to choose for my blog Wallpaper. It was scanned and uploaded immediately.
Thank you Deb !!!

~ Heather at Pretty Petals (directed to her new blog) ~ I originally met Heather in the land of eBay a few years ago and now I frequent her blog for the gorgeous photos, interesting content and inspiration. I consider Heather to be a big part of the blogging community. Her first swap ~ Junque in my Trunk ~ was an amazing success! Heather is sweet and friendly and I have noticed her name on many blog favorite lists.
She has the most friends on etsy and flickr of any gal I have seen!
Heather is helpful and generous.
Thank you Heather !!!

To each of you I thank you for creating such interesting and entertaining blogs and for sharing your talents and passions ~ I will continue to be a regular visitor to your blogs !

Sincerely, Karen at Ciderantiques xoxoxo

How to change your Blog Wallpaper

A pretty pink one . . . .

Hello gals . . . I decided to make a sample blog for tinkering with colour and backgrounds. That way I don't have to disrupt my current blog when I want to play :). It also forced me to write down my own instructions ~ LOL ~ for my own benefit (tend to be forgetful that way).
If you are interested in a change of colour . . . check out my 3rd blog (yikes I have 3 now!) at Colours for you . I have posted many free backgrounds that you are welcome to use. Have fun ! It is faster than painting :).

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Treasure Hunting Today

The next Sunday Show and Tell will be on May 4th. The theme is a fun one! We are asked to show photos of our favorite places to shop and treasure hunt. You can see the details on Cerri's blog "Little Pink Studio." Feel free to join up !

I decided today would be a good day to get my "homework" done. I will save the store details for May, but I will show you what I bought now :). This is why they are my favorite stores ~ I never come home empty handed. Look at all these goodies:

A stunning Battenburg Lace Tablecloth ~ nice and large in size . . .

Antique & Vintage baby clothing . . . and a pink and white crocheted doily. . .
Lovely ruffles on this sweet dress . . .

Lace Collars, Embroidered Net Lace and Ribboned Lace . . .

Those pretty vintage hats we all love . . . . and monogrammed towels . . .

The cutest little floral buttons . . . and clear buttons with rhinestones . . .

a pretty flower pot (yes, I like green swirls LOL) and a little iron birdie for my garden.

I must say this is the most fun I have ever had doing my homework ! I will share the details of my favorite stores on May 4th ~ Show and Tell Sunday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My New Banner !

I love my new banner ! The green floral hat looks wonderful with the green tones in my blog. Thank you to Polly from "Counting Your Blessings" for offering such pretty banners for free. Polly creates beautiful vignettes and turns her photographs into lovely banners.

You can view her many beautiful displays at bannerofblessings.blogspot.com

I have saved several in my favorites. I added a green frame to my current selection to match my vintage wallpaper. Many thanks to Deb from Land of Nod Studios for scanning this gorgeous vintage paper for me!

Polly has some amazing faux desserts and cupcake images for all you pink gals. Stunning !

Many lovely colors and themes to choose from and we can change our banners with the seasons! I will try to make some of my own displays next time. I love this vintage teapot too.

Take a peek at all those pretty banners. Thanks again Polly !

Friday, April 18, 2008

Show & Tell Sunday ~ Vintage B*L*I*N*G

I am posting my Vintage Jewelry Show and Tell a bit early, as we have company this weekend. The host this week is Cerri from Little Pink Studio. To see the stunning jewelery photographs from other participants ~ please see Cerri's Blog at "Little Pink Studio" under my links ~ Fabulous Places to Visit .

I have included this antique style cameo as I just adore the floral detail !

I love to display vintage jewelry with vintage textiles, purses, compacts, pin cushions, boudoir pillows and lace hankies. It is even more special when the items have a sentimental value. The crocheted gloves and compacts belonged to my Gramma in the 1930s and the small green jewelry box contains her Wedding and Engagement rings.

The little enamel ring with the pink rose looks sweet resting on this pink pin cushion.

A round lace pillow is a wonderful way to showcase your B*L*I*N*G

I don't have too many vintage brooches right now, but they do look lovely displayed together. Aren't those little keys the cutest!!!

I love rhinestones and opaque stones mixed together for contrast.

This multi-colored opal is not real . . . but it certainly looks genuine.

My favorite vintage jewelry ~ Gramma's wedding rings ~ are stored safely in the original box. Isn't it darling !

The original signed and dated Guarantee is enclosed. My Grampa kept everything :).

My Gramma's crocheted gloves look wonderful with the jewelry box.

Thanks for dropping by! I look forward to seeing your photos !

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not just Linens & Lace today

Today is Game 4 of a certain playoff series and our team is . . . well . . . in need of some fan support shall we say ; )

My family of four is going to Game 4 to raise some serious noise to cheer on our team! I am not all linens and lace ya know ladies ~ LOL. We do love our hockey in Canada. We will even bring along our own "goal" ~ every bit helps ~ we only need to win by one !

GO Sens GO !!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Show and Tell Sunday ~ Hanky Theme

Show and Tell Sunday has a different theme each week. This week it has a Hanky Theme. To see the list of other participants ~ please click the "Sugar * Sugar" link under the category "Fabulous Places to Visit."

Hi Gals . . . I love the white lace and white on white hankies . . . .

Monogrammed Madeira Hankies

Net Lace Wedding Hankies

Intricate Embroidered Hankies

Another Monogrammed Hanky

Pastel Florals and a statin hanky holder

Petit Point ~ Needle Work

Pretty Pastels with florals and lace
Tiny French Knots

Raised Applique

My favorites are all white . . . . but I do love them all !

Thanks for dropping by !

Vintage Prints

I love old vintage prints. . . . this girl is so pretty with her butterfly fairy wings and blush pink cheeks.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Old Soul Bears

I decided to create a separate blog for my teddy bear interests . . . both creating bears with an old or antique style and restoring poor old Teddies in need of repair. I thought the name "Old Soul" applied to both interests. My new blog will be called Old Soul Bears and can be found on blogger at http://www.oldsoulbears.blogspot.com/ .

I have some great before and after pictures of Old Teddies and their friends. It is amazing what a little TLC can accomplish : ).

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Curious Creatures

This photo was recently the cute animal picture of the day on Teddy-Talk. Deer really are curious creatures! I was walking my dog today and three of them were following us. My dog has the same color fur, big ears and a white tail like a deer. I think they thought I had one of the herd on a leash!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Lilli Diamond Gown

Look what I found yesterday : ) during my treasure hunt at the local thrift stores!

A lovely vintage gown by designer Lilli Diamond ~ of California. I think it dates to the 1960s.

A silk sash with silk buttons . . .

A full chiffon shirt that swirls and billows. . . .

My daughter says she will grow !!! Fast : ).

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pretty Flickr Gallery

A fun blogging tool to showcase your interests.

A Flickr "Flash Badge" (moving photo gallery) is a great little addition to your blog. Lots of detail in just one glance. You can take 12 pictures of what you like . . . .any theme will do and then join Flickr (free). Just click the link called "what is this?" below my Flickr images and you can create your own gallery. I chose things I like around my home ~ My favorite things.

Give it a try! I look forward to seeing your photos. ~ Karen.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Handmade Lace and French Toile

Hello !

I love French Toile fabric. This little quilt is reversible ~ silver on one side and mauve on the other. It is throw size (48 x 58 inches). Perfect on a chair or at the foot of a bed.

This looks like an intricate hanky but it is actually an 18 inch table topper. It has a linen center with incredible handmade lace. Both can be viewed via my store link ~ Linens and Lace online.

My little helper . . . .