Friday, April 11, 2008

Old Soul Bears

I decided to create a separate blog for my teddy bear interests . . . both creating bears with an old or antique style and restoring poor old Teddies in need of repair. I thought the name "Old Soul" applied to both interests. My new blog will be called Old Soul Bears and can be found on blogger at .

I have some great before and after pictures of Old Teddies and their friends. It is amazing what a little TLC can accomplish : ).


Deb said...

Karen I love the look of your new blog, and I was thrilled to see my old guy right in the thick of things. He is looking like a new bear after just a few days at your teddy spa, can I come and stay too!!!I could use a make over.
Thanks for all your hard work Hugs Deb

Karen said...

Hi Deb, Thank you for the comments and my first customer :). Karen