Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not just Linens & Lace today

Today is Game 4 of a certain playoff series and our team is . . . well . . . in need of some fan support shall we say ; )

My family of four is going to Game 4 to raise some serious noise to cheer on our team! I am not all linens and lace ya know ladies ~ LOL. We do love our hockey in Canada. We will even bring along our own "goal" ~ every bit helps ~ we only need to win by one !

GO Sens GO !!!!


Nancy said...

Yes, we do!! But I have to this moment, I am a Flames fan, although last night, I could have kicked them from here to the curb!!

I'm with ya, Karen...three cheers for our lowly Canadian teams!

Enjoy the game...

Karen said...

Hey Nancy, My Dad is a Montreal fan, even though I grew up in Toronto. We went to games all the time when I was little. The play-offs are always exciting . . . and a win by my Cinderella Team would be thrilling. Hope they win one while I'm watching :). ~ Karen

Heather ~ Pretty Petals said...

lol!! so cute Karen! Hope you win!

Karen said...

Hiya! Guess what happens when you scream/cheer for three hours? ~ You loose your voice. Silent I am. "Cinderella" tied it up 2 - 2 and the place went wild, then the official said the goal was kicked in :( and would not count. Back to 1 goal on our side. The coach pulled the goalie during the last few minutes of play, to have a man advantage, but we just couldn't get that puck in.

We cheered our hearts out though and Vermette #20 is still my hero! I am your best fan.

Off to have some lemon tea and honey. Nite Nite.

Nancy said...

Oh Karen...they just couldn't do it. I watched the third period...they tried, and now we are down to two. Montreal has a good team...and maybe tonight, Calgary won't blow the lead!

Love your new background!
Hugs, Nancy

Karen said...

Hi Nancy, Yes, I will cheer for both Montreal and Calgary! Good Luck tonight! ~ Karen