Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old Montreal

We went to Old Montreal for a few days. What a beautiful city! Cobblestone streets, cafes and Artisans. Life size Art to amuse you. I just love these ladies . . . quite the story!

Here is a close-up picture of their faces.
Update: The ladies in Bronze is called "Les Chuchoteuses"
(The Gossipers)
By: Rose-Aimee Belange
It can be found across from the Gallery St-Dizier
at 24 St-Paul West (corner of St-Dizier),
one block west of St. Laurent Street.

Montreal is only an hour and a half from Ottawa. We hadn't been there in ages, so we decided to go for the weekend.

We didn't buy any Art though . . . too many choices maybe. There was certainly lots to look at but I wasn't sure which one to pick. My husband loves to paint . . . so he says he will try and paint one of our photos : )

Very pretty at night too !

The kids go back to school on September 1st. The summer has flown by. One more big event before school starts . . . The Jonas Brothers concert on August 31st. I'll get my teenie bopper hats ready, LOL. Then its back to work, honest.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Kid in Town

This fluffy guy came for a visit. His name is Harry Potter. Harry/Hairy it all works, LOL. Isn't he gorgeous! A pure white Samoyed. He enjoyed the pool area but wasn't too keen on getting wet.

A self proclaimed Life Guard too.
He made sure everyone played nicely with no excessive splashing.

Harry really was not very interested in getting that pretty coat wet.
He just came from the Spa don't you know : )

And what did Cider think of our well groomed handsome guest?
I think her look says it all !!!!

Not going to pose for a picture today Mom.
She was back to herself once Harry went home.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Found the sun : ) in Picton, Ontario

If the sunshine won't come to us . . . . we will go to the sun : ). My dad lives in Picton (Prince Edward County), Ontario. It has proven itself in the last 15 years as an ideal location for vineyards. They are all doing very well. We visited several wineries and cheese factories. The two go together I guess! Certainly enjoyed the nice weather and pretty outdoor cafes.

Check out that blue sky . . . so nice to see (Ottawa got 11 inches of rain this July ~ hoping for a sunnier August)

This is the entrance to The Grange of Prince Edward. Such a pretty location . . . full of antiques too!

This is my son hiding behind the elaborate mask, LOL.

Many pretty lake views.

The grapes seem to be doing well this season.

Check out this mesh . . . no birds or bugs for these berry bushes.

We had a great few days in Picton. The kids enjoyed the ice cream, chocolate and fudge that we found along the way. They have the tourist thing all figured out !