Saturday, August 22, 2009

Old Montreal

We went to Old Montreal for a few days. What a beautiful city! Cobblestone streets, cafes and Artisans. Life size Art to amuse you. I just love these ladies . . . quite the story!

Here is a close-up picture of their faces.
Update: The ladies in Bronze is called "Les Chuchoteuses"
(The Gossipers)
By: Rose-Aimee Belange
It can be found across from the Gallery St-Dizier
at 24 St-Paul West (corner of St-Dizier),
one block west of St. Laurent Street.

Montreal is only an hour and a half from Ottawa. We hadn't been there in ages, so we decided to go for the weekend.

We didn't buy any Art though . . . too many choices maybe. There was certainly lots to look at but I wasn't sure which one to pick. My husband loves to paint . . . so he says he will try and paint one of our photos : )

Very pretty at night too !

The kids go back to school on September 1st. The summer has flown by. One more big event before school starts . . . The Jonas Brothers concert on August 31st. I'll get my teenie bopper hats ready, LOL. Then its back to work, honest.


The French Bear said...

OH my, Montreal is so beautiful!!! I would love to go visit, maybe watch Ricardo cook!!!!
Hope you had a wonderful summer!!!
Margaret B

The White Bench said...

Hi Karen, oh, wow, Montreal is on my wish list!! Hope to go visit sooner or later!
Hugs to Cider,
Monica and Kim xx

Lynn said...

Hi Karen, this is one place I have not been yet and would love to go soon, maybe in the Fall, long drive for us though, that's what puts me off. It looks beautiful and a lot of fun :)
Kids don't go back to school here until Sept' 8th.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful city!! I will have to take a trip there soon.

Kathy said...

Karen, do you know the name of the sculpture of the three ladies? I just love it.

cinner said...

karen, I have cousins that just moved out there. I have never been, it is awesome, I wold love to hear the story of those ladies. do you know the name. I am so glad you had a great summer. Thanks for becoming a follower over at my blog. You were the first blog I started to follow when I got on blogger. Big hug to Cider. Take care.

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Cinner, I should have taken the name of the Artist that made the statues. They are sold in coffee table size too! Just wonderfully done. I'll ask my hubby if he remembers more about the Artist/store. Thanks for following me :) Karen

The Victorian Parlor said...

Montreal is beautiful! Your pictures really show the beauty. We love art and often have the same problem choosing which piece to take home:).



Bumpkin Bears said...

great photos, I just love the ladies having a good old gossip :) Hugs, Catherine x

PAPER GIRL said...

Hi Karen:
Love the sculpture - so joyful...

Old Montreal and Quebec are two of my absolute favorite cities in the world. We traveled there for my birthday last fall. Thanks for the reminder... Really want to go back.

have a great weekend.