Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pretty Flickr Gallery

A fun blogging tool to showcase your interests.

A Flickr "Flash Badge" (moving photo gallery) is a great little addition to your blog. Lots of detail in just one glance. You can take 12 pictures of what you like . . . .any theme will do and then join Flickr (free). Just click the link called "what is this?" below my Flickr images and you can create your own gallery. I chose things I like around my home ~ My favorite things.

Give it a try! I look forward to seeing your photos. ~ Karen.


Nancy said...

Oh have some beautiful things in your home. Just lovely...I just might do the flickr thing when I get a minute...I think maybe I should turn my house into spring/summer first! I still have mica snow flakes in some places!!


Cider Antiques said...

Hi Nancy, We still have lots of snow too . . . so I posted indoor photos.

Last night we lost a big 4x8 foot patch of shingles off our roof. It sounded like the roof was flying away and I guess it was! (not so pretty for blog photos LOL).

You could post 12 of your designs and do an Artistic photo Gallery. I'd love to see that too ! Karen