Saturday, March 7, 2009

Lace Collars on eBay

These lovely vintage collars are listed in My eBay and end Sunday evening.

Great for antique dolls

and Teddy Bears.

Several to choose from.

This is my favorite! I will be sorry to see it go.

Doggy update for those following Cider's progress. Cider saw a Veterinary Oncologist (cancer expert) on Friday. These specialty hospitals are not for the faint of heart or pocket-book! We haven't even met with the surgeon yet, but it is $157.00 per consultation. I was advised that the surgery will only happen after my dog completes the mandatory pre-op work: totaling $1300.00 on X-rays, blood work and yet another biopsy. I am becoming quite skeptical about specialists and will be meeting with my local vet again on Monday. I had hoped for at least 3 more years of pain free health for my dog and was hoping that could be obtained for under $1,500.00.

The complete range of expenses (if I went for the most expensive option, offered by the Oncologist) is a whopping $10,000.00. Did you fall over yet? I did. I don't think I heard much more after that. This high end option would include surgery and a five week stay for 25 Chemo treatments at Ontario's Veterinary College or equivalent in New York State. Needless to say that is beyond my budget and also beyond what I am willing to contemplate for my dog. I know she would likely bite someone during that month ordeal and quite frankly so might I : ( Sooo . . . . we are still happy that our dog is oblivious to her situation and is currently in no pain. We will take it one day at a time. The most realistic option may be no surgery with growth inhibitor medication that aims to keep things the same. Status quo would be just fine : )


Antiques and More Blog said...

I love those collars...they're beautiful!

I'm not sure what I'd do in your situation...that's a tough one. Best of luck to you and your adorable doggie!

Nancy said...

Hi Karen...Yikes! I'd say that is getting a little out of hand. There was something on the news last week about the high cost of vets and what you are really getting for all of that money...
I agree..status quo as long as Cider isn't suffering...

Love your collars...

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

The Victorian Parlor said...

Wow! $10,000 for treatment! I just got up from the floor! I am glad that she is pain-free and I pray that she continues to be happy and comfortable. Keep looking for other options. Hopefully your vet will have some good alternatives.

The lace collars are amazing!

kari and kijsa said...

Beautiful lace collars!
kari & kijsa

cinner said...

so sorry about cider...can you imagine 10,000. that seems just unreal. i hope you have better luck when you go back to your own vet. i do love the lace collars. beautiful work. all the best

Draffin Bears said...

Karen that is an outrageous amount of money and understand you wanting to just see how she does.
Hopefully the vet will come up with something else, that will be easier on the budget.
Best of luck and I hope that she will continue to have a happy, pain free life.

Love your lace collars ~ all the time and work that has gone into them.

Enjoy your weekend

Lynn said...

Dear Karen, I am sorry to hear all this news about Cider :( My heart goes out to you because I know how you feel, we are torn, first of all that is way over anyones budget but not the money , how our pet feels too, I can't see putting any dog of my own through chemo, but that is just me personally.
My puppy has been sick on and off for a week, so Friday to the vet's, two visits in one day, second visit was 2 xrays, shots of anti nausea and xanax and medicine to take home,plust the prescription dog food for sore tummies. And no answer to his problem. $379 and I almost passed out when she told me, but what can you do?
Sorry, I think I wrote a book here, I just get so wound up with the charges, is this the cost for loving animals?

Lynn said...

Karen, I forgot to mention, I just love vintage lace collars, and these are real beauties, hope you did well on Ebay. I can't afford to shop right now after my vet bill !

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Cider is such a a sweet dog. Oh, I feel for you. Dogs are so loyal and are such valued members of the family. You are all in my prayers,


Lori said...

Karen, that is unbelievable the amount of money to treat your beloved Cider!!! i can't believe how utterly expensive all of that is...i hope she is able to be treated to keep her comfortable without all of the pricey procedures!!!

your lace collars are gorgeous!!!

Anonymous said...

So many beautiful things !!! and what a beautiful dog ! I would love to taste that chocolate cake ;)

TattingChic said...

Those collars are exquisite! Thanks for sharing the photos of them.

Gosh, that veterinarian bill is outrageous! I don't think I could put that out for my pet, either. No matter how much I love that special furry friend! Now, if I'd won the lottery, then that might be a different matter! God bless your doggy. :)