Saturday, March 21, 2009

Casey and Cider

Yep, that's Cider on the family room couch. . . . ah well it's a brown sofa, LOL. Cider does have her own doggy chair but she can't curl up very well right now. Stretching out is better. Cider's leg is very bald from surgery, but her fur will grow back in soon enough. So far we have been able to avoid the lamp shade collar. She really didn't like it and started to try and scratch it off with her hind legs . . . not good. We bandage her leg at night instead and she leaves it alone. So far so good. I'll sleep on the couch until the stitches are out to make sure she doesn't get into mischief. She'll have to make do with the dog mat at night, LOL. The jingling of her tags wakes me up when she is moving around so I should be able to stop her from removing the bandage.

My daughter is doing fine too after her tooth surgery, but didn't want to be photographed all puffy. Can't really blame her! Her friends have dropped by with gifts and well wishes, which is keeping her spirits up.

Casey 1989 ~ 2009

Sweet ol' Casey ~ our 20 year old cat ~ left us yesterday . . . on the First Day of Spring, 2009. He was two decades old. I can picture him leaping into heaven with a youthful pounce!

This is a Happy post and a Tribute for an amazing cat that really did think he was a dog and every one's Best Friend ~ Even if it was a small dog! He out smarted all the dogs in our neighborhood. One particular small yappy thing (that is always permitted to wander by its owner) used to chase Casey a fair bit until one day . . . Casey ran into our back yard with the yappy fur-ball in hot pursuit. Casey knew that Cider just happened to be out enjoying our new deck. It was like Casey was saying "come meet my friend" with a grin of satisfaction. Needless to say . . .FuFu gave Casey a lot more respect after that.
I adopted Casey when he was one year old, from the Toronto Humane Society. It was the week before Valentine's Day and the week before I got engaged! It was just Casey and I way back then. I named him "Casey" (as in Case things out) because he was always into things and always checking things out. He always wore an ID tag with my phone number. Some of my favorite memories:

The inspector . . . . Do these pool guys know what they are doing?
Why is there so much pink stuff in the water?

Casey inspected everything . In his younger days, when we lived in Toronto, Casey was well known in the neighborhood. He liked to sit in the Kayak on the roof of my mom's car (he almost went for a drive a few times but he always popped up just in time).

Then there was the Real Estate Agent at the nearby model home that phoned and said "Casey has spent the night on the King size bed in the Master Suite and should really go home now . . . as they would be opening soon."

Or the Principal at the local Catholic School that said "he keeps following the children to school and pays particular attention to the cross walk. "

When we lived near a ravine in Toronto, a neighbor told me he saw Casey outrun and escape being caught by a fox when he scaled the six foot chain link fence around the baseball field and then jumped down into the ball diamond for safety. Once safely protected by the fence, he casually waited for the fox to leave!

He followed me to the subway one winter day in the early 1990's for several city blocks. He was hiding and running from snow bank to snow bank on the opposite side of the road. I was glad I spotted him just before I got to the subway entrance! I had to go all the way home and then back to the subway and explain to my boss why I was so late that day.

He was also great with kids! Thanks, but I'll wait to have breakfast when "my" girl wakes up.

I'd help husk that corn if I could, LOL.

He needed to have an eye removed many years ago. People thought I was silly spending money on a 13 year old cat. He lived until 20 . . . so we showed them !

He was a compassionate cat. He visited the lady next door every day last summer when she was having a very difficult few months. He seemed to know that she needed his daily visit. She would call and let me know where he was.


These are just a few of the stories that come to mind when I think of this wonderful cat.

Casey is like the Marley of the cat world : ) I will miss him xoxoxxo


lorhen82 said...

Casey sounds like a special little guy, and I'm sure you'll miss him terribly. Thank you for sharing your memories of him with us!


Brenda said...

What a wonderful tribute to Casey - he was a very special cat and I too will miss him, when I visit. Glad Cider and missy are doing well!

love Brende

Nancy said...

Oh Karen...I'm so sorry. I know your heart is sad. Having been through this with our dogs...I wish you happy days thinking about the funny, wonderful times with Casey. Your stories were sweet...Casey was a beloved cat.
Cider looks like he is missing Casey. He'll be fine now that the surgery is over.

Wishing you a peaceful, happy weekend.
Hugs, Nancy xoxo

Draffin Bears said...

What a beautiful tribute to a wonderful Cat. Casey will be much missed but lovely that you have all the happy memories to think about him.

Glad that your daughter is over her ordeal and that dear Cider is back home with you.

Sending hugs your way

Nikki via The Scarlett Rose Garden said...

{{{{{Big HUGS Karen!}}}}}
You sure are going through a lot! I'm so sorry about your Casey. What a beautiful cat. Wow, 20 great years! He reminds me so much of my cat who lived to be 17, he was all grey. Maybe Smokey and Casey are playing together now! Sounds like they both used up their 9 lives to the fullest.

Looks like Cider is doing very well! I'm so glad you found the Aussie surgeon, what timing!

I can relate to your daughter's issue as well, I had similar trouble with my teeth.

I enjoyed all of Casey's stories, and look forward to many more of Cider's!

Kathy said...

What a beautiful tribute to Casey. I am sure he would have been proud. I know you will miss him.

Chrissie said...

A lovely tribute to Casey ~ run free now little cat.
Glad both Cider and your daughter are on the mend now and sending kind thoughts to you all.

Chrissie X

cinner said...

I am glad Cider is back at home and looks like doing well. I am sorry about Casey, loved your stories about your cat. I often wonder what our pets really do when we are not at home. now casey can do anything and everything. i am also glad your daughter is well and can understand why she did not want a picture. you have had a rough few days and my thoughts are with you.

Deb said...

Smiling through the tears as I read your lovely tribute to Casey, what a beautiful way to say goodbye to a dear friend. I know his time here on earth was filled with love, he had a good run!!! Take care of yourself thinking of you, Cider and that beautiful gal of yours. Hugs and smooches Deb

Lynn said...

Oh Karen, I am so sorry for your loss of Casey, it is so hard to lose a pet, and especially when you have had them soooo long, she sounds like a very special soul :)
Glad to read about Cider in your previous post too that this specialist does well with these type of tumors, I hope and pray all will go ok. My little Cooper is going in the morning for his first surgery, to be neutured and I am dreading it, the poor baby.
Best wishes to your daughter too, hope she feels better soon, hang in there mom :)

TattingChic said...

Glad to hear that Cider is feeling better.
So sorry to hear about your kitty cat! I just LOVE kitties! I was heartbroken when I had to put my kitty down. The vet said that it looked like he got into some antifreeze (back when the manufacturers still made it so it tasted sweet).

Hope your daughter gets feeling better soon. It's so awful having dental surgery.

Vinita said...

this is a perfect tribute for a special cat like yours. I know it's difficult for you parting with such a lovely cat. Take care.

CatHerder said...

Sorry for your loss...we lost our Casey last year (very similar looking) who was 21. Cider is quite a looker! Love your blog

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a beautiful tribute. He sounds like he was a quite a character:) God bless you and your family as you remember his special place in your hearts.

I am glad to see that Cider is doing so well (and that your daughter's surgery was successful).



darla said...

Hi Karen, and the rest of the gang there. I wanted to add my tribute, to my friend Casey. I'm realizing I knew Casey most of his life. It was a true pleasure. I loved hearing of his adventures, and sometimes "near misses." Casey seemed to be able to outrun or outsmart any challenge. Yet he wasn't all tough. Around me, a confirmed dog lover, he was gentle and affectionate -- purring, and patient -- winning me over right away. He was handsome too. Casey's great mix of spunk, "street smarts", and affection will still be around, in spirit, especially when we remember him.

On another note, very glad to hear things are improving on the rogue tooth front and that Cider has a great doctor/better solution (and she was calm at the vet - WOW!)Sending you all Big Hugs, Your in my thoughts, Darla

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Thank you gals for your emails and lovely comments! It certainly was a hard week last week. "The Worst March Break ever" say my children. Going back to school never looked so good, I hear.

My daughter is back to school now and Cider has two full weeks wearing the e-collar (lamp shade style) before her stitches can be removed. It may even be a bit longer, as she has three lines of sutures. One day at a time :)

Thank you again, your comments are very much appreciated. Karen and family xoxox

Charmingdesigns said...

I am so sorry or your loss!!! Isn't it nice you have wonderful photos!! Love the on with your daughter sleeping...they know where to cuddle. Take care!!! Laurie