Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cookies and Coffee

I ate them all! Yep, every single one! Fortunately for me my children don't appreciate almonds . . . tsk tsk . . . all the more for Mommy : ) My husband probably would have liked these wonderful cookies from Italy, but he doesn't really have a sweet tooth . . . and he is just too slow to beat me to the last one. So I enjoyed them all and finished the last one this morning with my coffee. I did stretch it out over the week . . . really I did.

Thank you again Monica . . . for organizing such a fun Easter Swap!
I have moved a few more items from my website over to Etsy and hope to have a lot more listed in the next week or so.

My Vet says the worst is over for Cider and she just needs time to heal. She is on antibiotics to stop a small infection but other than that she is doing very well. Better than me I think . . . the Vet basically told me to "chill". So I am . . . .with cookies and coffee : )


Update: Boy she's FAST !!!

So I take my Vet's advice . . . just relax, chill, zen . I decide to have a long shower while sweet innocent pup sleeps on a nice flannel blanket. I come back down stairs to a laughing Hyena! Look Mom! . . . . no bandage . . . . isn't that neat : )

That blanket just got in the way of my mission . . . . honest!
Oh . . . I'm sorry Mom . . . I'll let you put a new bandage on immediately. I promise to leave it alone (Big brown eyes).

Well . . . maybe just one more time !

Those sad eyes work every time !!!!

Isn't there something you forgot to do upstairs?????


The Victorian Parlor said...

I am thrilled to hear that Cider is on the mend! Those cookies looked scrumptous-what ashame that the rest of your family wasn't interested in them-lol:)



Lori said...

Karen, that Cider is such a cutie...i love the picture of her laughing...she is very proud of herself for figuring out how to remove that offending bandage:)

Nancy said...

Hi Karen...The cookies look wonderful. Glad you were able to enjoy them.
What a little clown! Cider has the most adorable face...full of expression.

Have a fun weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
We're back! What a stinker Cider is LOL! She is such a smart girl - boy you can tell she is really proud of herself! So much for "chilling" haha. You've got your work cut out for you. Talk to you tomorrow!


English Cottage in Georgia said...

What funny pics of glad she is on the mend :-)
The cookies sound really good...oh my, I am suddenly in the want of hot tea and shortbread cookies.

Anonymous said...

What a nice blog, I feel for your pup. I have had my pups in a collar or two and it was no fun. My big shepard had one on and he kept his head to the floor while standing, looked just like a hoover vaccume!!! LOL! I'll be back to peek again. Jennifer

Lynn said...

LMBO!!!!! She sure is persistent isn't she? My little Cooper had his neutering and didn't even have a collar, and he barely touched himself LOL. I couldn't believe it!