Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Flea Market ~ New items in my Etsy Shop

Well the week has flown by! I have been busy stocking my Etsy shop and my shop. The vintage supplies are selling as fast as I list them, on Etsy, which is great! I may end up switching some of my .com listings over to Etsy. Do most of you gals have both ? . . . a website and an Etsy store? How do you split your time? Do you think most people would prefer one stop shopping? Any thoughts would be appreciated :-)

The new listings in my Etsy store can be seen here . I have several hankies lots ~ cottage style ~ with combinations of pinks and greens.

Note the ID stickers ~ Made in Switzerland ~ 100% Cotton

Pretty Pink and White Vintage ~ Hand Knit ~ Baby items

A Cookie Tin that will make you smile

A lovely antique compact with Petitpoint florals

A hand woven set of vintage placemats ~ pretty in pink

A set of 12 yummy dessert plates ~ soft pink and pale yellow with a scalloped edge.

Lovely set of Mother of Pearl Buttons ~ large in size

Mauve and white hankies ~ crochet, embroidery and prints

Pink and Blue ~ pretty prints and crochet

I also posted four updates on . This sweet little China Doll head, Fans and collectible plate can be viewed ~ here. They are currently featured on the main page of
I recently listed two Victorian Fans with provenance.
They were part of a collection that belonged to
Sarah Alice Jackson ~ 1854 - 1937
~ Stunning Hand Painted Detail ~

This sweet little plate is a limited edition. It is called "Teddy Bear Tales"

Thank you for looking and have a great weekend!

There are many vendors in Flea Market Friday ~ please click here to see the list of hosts.


Charmingdesigns said...

Oh what lovelies you have! I havent done etsy...I never know what to price anything at>.lol. I'll be going to the mailbox in just a bit.Laurie

Rhondi said...

Hi Thanks for coming to my porch party. I used to live in Toronto. Rhondi

TattingChic said...

Oh, I see a pretty tatted Hens-and-Chicks edging on a vintage hankie on the top photo. Very nice! You have such wonderful things, too. Thanks again! I'm still giddy about winning, I'm sorry for going on about, I can't help it! :))))

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Karen!
Thanks for stopping by and visiting! It was nice to sit & sip iced tea and chat about your beautiful linens.
Your newest pieces are so beautiful Karen. I love them all as always!
Hugs, SHerry

Rhondi said...

Hi KAren
I'm glad you enjoyed the porch party. You have a lot of wonderful things in your shop!