Thursday, June 12, 2008

From Darth to Delicious!

A few posts ago I was mentioning that my poor ol' Dress Form is stuck in the toy room (at the mercy of my kids playing dress-up) because the guest bedroom seems to be overflowing with all my auction finds. It is hard to find room for her.

Well, today was tidy up day. I carried Ms. D.F. (still need to name her) up two flights of stairs, from the basement to the Guest Bedroom. I rescued her from Darth Vader, Harry Potter and the land of Wizards !!!
Doesn't she look delicious now !

It is still a tight squeeze (maybe I will move the bed over).
She does seem much happier now!
Here is the before picture !

I also took some photos of my garden today ~ it is in full bloom now ~ Yeah we have summer !

Thanks for dropping by !


Beverly said...

Your blooms are just beautiful. What are those in the second picture.

And, I know Ms. D.F. is so happy to be liberated into the Land of Pretty.

Karen said...

Hi Beverly, It is a flowering shrub. I believe it is Spirea ~ Snowmound. The flowers look a lot like Dogwood ~ Snow Lace (but I think it is the Spirea).

I couldn't find the tag for that one in my basket (I usually keep the tags so I remember the names).


Nancy said...

Hi Karen...your blooms are beautiful! Love all of the colours. Hope you planted things that you can just enjoy and not have to spend hours pruning...although gardening can be very theraputic...used to have a large garden...loved it.

Oh, Ms. D.F. looks divine! Never to be Darth again!!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Karen!
I'm so glad she's de-Darthed! She looks like she's feeling light and breezy now, as good as new!
Hugs, Sherry

joan said...

Hi Karen,

Just wanted to thank you for your other site and info on Colors for you. I was able to use one of your pretty wallpapers. I'd really like to play with it more and I love Polly's banners too. I am using one of the really neutral ones right now but will probably change it. Thanks for doing that and I love your blog.

Karen said...

Hi Joan! The new wallpaper on your blog looks great!!! Once you know what to look for in the codes it isn't so hard. My hubby showed me (and I decided I really did need to write it all down, so I would remember next time LOL). Glad it worked :)