Monday, June 16, 2008

The Dad Zone ~ Rainbows, Sunsets & Wildlife

It is always nice to have Father's Day on the weekend. We played a round of mini golf in the morning. My daughter says she won (but conveniently threw out the score sheet after she added it up ~ hmmmmm).

My son is still young enough to make Father's Day crafts at school. I think the teacher was really creative this year ! What a great project. It will be proudly displayed in Steve's workshop.

The weather was a bit crazy here on Father's Day. We had on again - off again rain storms. We were rewarded with a full 180 degree rainbow (it took me two pictures to get the entire span). It went right over my neighbor's home.

Sunday evening we had the most beautiful sunset.

It even turned my etching pink :-)

And a friendly deer came by to say Hello ~ a great Father's Day !


Elly said...

Too late for the show and tell, but nevertheless I want to tell you I love your doll, she's such a cutie! Your rainbow-pics are beautiful too, thanks for sharing!

Nancy said...

Beautiful rainbow pics...isn't that funny...I took pics like that on Friday night here!

Love the pretty against the lovely sunset.
And the deer...a bonus!

Hug, Nancy

Beverly said...

It looks like the perfect Father's Day. I'm so glad you shared your pictures - they are beautiful.

Cami said...

Well, I have a thing for rainbows and deer! Fab post and great photography. What kind of camera do you shot w/??? And what lens did you use for each shot? Stunning.

Karen said...

My Camera knows much more than I do, LOL. It is very patient with me. It is a Canon, Power Shot, S3 IS, with 12x Optical zoom and 6 Mega pixels. I had to go get my camera to answer your question (probably better if you talk to my camera directly!).

It's a great camera and I am still learning all about its capabilities. I actually got it with my husband's Airmile points (lots of points from business travel). It is probably more camera than I need, but we chose it over a free flight.

Thanks for your comments! Karen

Lu Lu's Fluffy Ruffles said...

Unbelievable photo!!
you live in paradise!!
that rainbow was gorgeous!

cammyk said...

Your sunset photos are just stunning! Looks as though you had the perfect Father's Day.

Heather ~Pretty Petals said...

Oh WOW! what beautiful photos with the sky and the rainbow... and a sweet little deer. :) A perfect Fathers Day! xo Heather