Saturday, May 2, 2009

First Swim of the Season

I love the month of May in Canada. It finally signals the beginning of warm weather and we can start to think about using our pool again. Removing the pool tarp is a chore we look forward to completing.

Cider was within the fenced in pool area today while we were working. It seemed like a good way for her to enjoy the sunshine, have her big plastic satellite dish off for a while, and not be tempted to run around the back yard. She is still suppose to be taking it easy after all.

Well, I guess that dark green tarp looks like solid ground to our canine friends. My dog found out today that it most certainly is not ! The first swim of the season was had by Cider . . . and it was most definitely a mistake.

Here she is all dried off with the second bandage of the day. The "Enter Marineland" part of the towel and the matching blue bandage does seem rather appropriate now! It actually says Educational Center . . . but Enter Marineland is accurate too. Luckily Cider was not wearing her cone at the time of her surprise swim and was close enough to the side of the pool that my husband could grab her collar and direct her towards the stairs. Trying to swim on a tarp must feel like being in quicksand. I am glad we got her out quickly. No harm done : )


lorhen82 said...

Awww...I'm glad you got her out OK. I bet she'll be so happy when the satellite dish is finally removed once and for all! ~Lori

Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
Oh dear, Cider looks a little shocked. Poor baby - I'll bet it was cold!! Glad you got her out okay and the cover wasn't ripped. Give her a snuggle from me.


Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Glad that you will soon be swimming, with the warmer weather.

Poor Cider going for a dip and must have been a big surprise for her.
Won't she love having the satellite dish off.


The Victorian Parlor said...

Poor Cider! I'm glad that you were able to get her out before any damage was done to her leg. I hope she is feeling better after her surprise swim.



cinner said...

so glad Cider was okay. It will be nice getting it ready for the summer. Take Care.

Anonymous said...

Poor Cider, perhaps she can go swimming later in the season....and without cover.

Take a dip for me, still too cold in Maryland for swimming....

Natasha Burns said...

oh poor Cider getting a shock swim!!!
OK so this is going to sound dumb... but if it snows and gets icy there in Winter, what happens to the pool in that time? Does it freeze and become ice? Sorry, I just live in a warmer climate and our pools just got disgusting and green and slimy during winter when people sometimes don't bother keeping up the cleaning!

Lynn said...

Ohhhh poor Cider, thank goodness everything was ok she must have been a bit scared at the time but she looks just fine afterwards. She is always so willing to take a good photo isn't she?

Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Natasha, Yep, the top 6 inches or so of pool water does freeze over the Canadian Winter. In the Fall the pool water is drained about 2 feet, so the water level is below the plumbing and light fixtures. Then the tarp is put over top of the water to keep the leaves, dirt and sometimes small critters out of the pool during the winter months.

In May, we start all over again. The yucky green water and melted ice above the tarp is pumped off, the tarp is removed and clean water is added to fill it back up. It is amazingly clean under the tarp. We check the water quality and salt content (we have a Salt Water Pool) before we start swimming again. Lots of work for 4 months of swimming :) ~ Karen.