Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Wee Scone Ballerina

This sweet little gal arrived in the mail yesterday. She is a Wee Scone Bear made by Diane Kennedy. Diane is an amazingly talented Teddy Bear Artist. This Ballerina Bear was made in 2007 and I missed winning her then. To my surprise, she was up for sale on eBay last week by her first owner.

I guess it was a dangerous afternoon of browsing, LOL.
I found her with only one hour left to go on the auction.
She had no bids at that point. I thought she must be mine : )

I bid a few seconds before the end of the auction and I won : )
I think she has such a pretty face. The lace tutu and cream velvet is adorable.

I am thrilled she is mine!


Anonymous said...

She's a sweetie!....The dress is beautiful and I love the face.....Jennifer

The Victorian Parlor said...

She's beautiful!

Brenda said...

OOOOh Karen, she is beautiful! I do love Diane's bears, being the proud owner of three of them, myself LOL! She really is gorgeous!



Draffin Bears said...

How lucky Karen!
Your new ballerina bear is sweet and how neat that you got a second chance to have her.
Diane's bears are lovely.


Annabelle said...

What an adorable teddy bear....luv the details.I bought one recently at a church sale and Grace made her her own...didn't have the heart to take the bear away from her.I guess puppy dogs luv bears too!
Hugs Annabelle

cinner said...

She is beautiful. I can't get over the details. I also love your previous post. always love lace with flowere. too bad I am not a size small either.Take care.

English Cottage in Georgia said...

She is so cute - cannot believe you were the sole bidder. So glad you got her :-)

Lynn said...

She is beautiful!!! Luck you, I better keep off Ebay LOL