Sunday, April 26, 2009

Millinery, Lace and Tea

I was busy playing with tea yesterday. I had all these wonderful beige and cream flowers that were crumpled, folded and in a heap. Lovely neutral shades. It was certainly worth a try to flatten them out. I figured a quick dip in some hot tea would soften them up and not hurt their colour. Once they were wet I could restore their shape. They filled a cookie tray and fluffed up wonderfully. My son was a little concerned, however. What are you baking mom?

The pretty shades of taupe and ivory look great with the Edwardian blouses I will be listing later this week. I may make a floral brooch or two for each blouse. Pretty embellishments.

I also finished a brown bear this week. The vintage wool sweater was a bright mint green that took on a much softer tone with a 10 minute soak in some hot tea. Tea is a great fixer!

I was inspired by Earth Day to finish this little bear in gentle shades of Brown and Green. I have named her Terra. Her vintage sweater is 100% wool. It is a recycled and re-dyed doll sweater. Her eyes are old fashioned boot buttons. Her mohair is also hand dyed and her necklace is made from Raffia. Her key hopefully holds the secret to a greener, happier planet. I will be listing her in my Etsy Shop later this week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! It is almost May !!! My favorite Month of the year : )


Kathy said...

The flowers look so pretty. And the bear is adorable. You are so talented.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, I use tea to dye things too. Your very right it just softens the look of some colors. I tea dyed a pair of white cotton valances. To go with a shower curtain I have. The white was too bright but now they are perfect. You can use coffee too but they do take on a bit of a coffee smell for a little bit, I also think the coffee comes out a bit darker too. I love the bear, he's a charmer!! hugs, Jennifer

TattingChic said...

The flowers look lovely! That beat does look nice in is soft "grey" sweater. :)

Reflections from the Stone Nest said...

Hi Karen,

Oh, what a great idea of dipping old millinery in tea for plumping up! Heather told me to use a tea kettle's steam. That works great, as well, but watch out for the burns! Glad to hear Cider is coming along. Oh, I just love her. She's such a sweetie! Cute about the yellow bandage matching your sweater! That teddy bear is adorable!

Have a great week,

Natasha Burns said...

Wow those flowers look amazing Karen, I love the colours and it's great you got them into shape again :)

The French Bear said...

The flowers look amazing, they turned out so well!!! I love your bear! What a charming name,"Terra", perfect!!! I am still a little behind in my work, darn job keeps me too busy!!! Ha ha, I am actually trying to finish a bunny, a bear, and a doll!!! You must have a good work ethic!
Margaret B

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

It is fun to tea dye things ~ always has that old look.
I love your flowers, so pretty and your new bear is adorable.

Have a great week

Some Like it Vintage said...

Tea is not just for drinking! btw, your dog is gorgeous, reminds me of mine - mostly husky, part collie :-) Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Nice job on the flowers and I love the bear.

The Victorian Parlor said...

The flowers are beautiful! I love the bear! The name of our house is Terra Cottage so I like the bear's name too:)



Nancy said...

Hi Karen...Oh, I just love those flowers! Lovely colours...tea is great isn't it? I use it all the time.
Love the bear...beautiful colour. His sweater fits him beautifully.

Have a great day...and thanks for visiting.
Hugs, Nancy

English Cottage in Georgia said...

Kids are so cute :-). As beautiful as your flowers are I would not relish the thought of chewing one. You son is a cutie...makes me smile visualizing your darling scene.