Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cider's Progress

As many of you know my dog Cider had a pretty significant operation on March 19th. Although the operation itself was successful (cancerous lump removed) the healing process has been rather challenging. Canine legs are just too mobile . . . and very slow to heal. Even two weeks after the surgery, my dog's leg had not even begun to heal in one area. When I was feeling the most uncertain about what to do to help Cider . . . I happened to meet an individual at a pet store that suggested Manuka Honey Treatments. Isn't it amazing that you can go to one specific place, at one specific moment in time and bump into one person that has the information you need : )
I had never heard of Manuka Honey before, but you can read all about the medical bells and whistles here. It has been studied for over 20 years, with successful results in both humans and animals.

Needless to say I made an appointment to talk to my Vet immediately and he approved. Although my favourite Aussie Vet is currently on holidays in Australia and will not be back until May, I am encouraged by this New Zealand Honey. I think the theme of Cider's healing is certainly in the land Down Under : )
We also got lucky and found this amazing New Zealand Honey at a local Health Food Store, here in Canada. We did not have to wait for a mail order and could begin treating her with honey on her bandages right away. Yes, it is as simple as that.

I am happy to report that Cider's progress has been quite significant in just 5 days. I am no longer "fainting" at the site of her leg. She is also much more content and we can now see the solution ahead of us. Medicinal Honey . . . I call it Magic in a Jar : )


Nancy said...

Hi Karen...Oh, I am so happy Cider is getting better. What a wonderful find. Glad it is helping him...and in turn helping you!

Have a great day!
Hugs, Nancy

The French Bear said...

That is simply wonderful!!! It is so neat that you found out about the honey!!
Margaret B

Jacque said...

I am so glad Cider is doing better, it is so difficult to have your baby hurt and not know what to do. I just love it when the answers we need show up in our lives. I wish Cider continued improvement and you peace of mind, I am going to check out this honey product~Jacque

cinner said...

Karen,,,i just read an email about putting honey on wounds. Very glad things are getting better with Cider. It is hard to watch our pets when they are sick. You have had a long haul...take care, praying for you.

The White Bench said...

Karen, hope you are better now, and glad to hear Cider is getting better too. It's so hard for us when our babies are not well, isn't it! Give her a hug from Kim and me.
I perfectly understand the 'faint' thing- I had the very same problem many times, and unfortunately this affect also my own medical appointments. But now I am used to that;)

Chrissie said...

Karen, I am so happy you have found a solution to help heal Cider's wounds in good old NZ honey (I am a Kiwi who now lives in Australia)and also so glad you found our Aussie vet. Pease give Cider a big hug from me and Ben. BTW, Ben turns 4 on Sunday :)))

Chrissie and Ben

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I read your blog today...I have an aging Irish Setter and he's having trouble walking....we see our vet this Saturday..I will make note of the honey. Hope I can find some here in Maryland.

Lynn said...

Wow, that's great, I am so happy it is working for Cider, I am going to bookmark this site incase I ever need it.
Meeting that person in the pet store was A Touch of Grace, the universe was sending you what you needed :)

Brenda said...

I'm glad Cider is finally starting to heal! She's such a good girl and how frustrating for her not to be able to chase all the little creatures in your wonderful back yard. I'm sure the groundhogs are celebrating, though ; - they beter watch out for her, when she's better!


Annabelle said...

Hi Karen,
Thank you for the heads up on this Honey; I will look it up.
It is quite unusual when things like you mention happen unexpectedly it‘s as if someone above is watching and lending a hand. So glad to hear Cider is doing better.
Hugs Annabelle

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

I am so glad that Cider is starting to heal ~ poor dog.

Yes, Manuka honey has the most amazing qualities and almost like an antibiotic.
When my Mum had an ulcer on her leg after the fall when she broke her hip, the Dr. suggested she use that and it healed up so quickly and well.
It is a miracle treatment.
Please give Cider a hug from me.


The Victorian Parlor said...

I'm glad that Cider's leg is finally healing. Thank you for sharing the wonder honey treatment info! We have three dogs and you never know when this kind of information will be needed!



Katherine said...

Hi Karen
I'm glad the honey is helping... I wonder if you can get some with a higher UMF number? The higher, the better/ faster the result you can expect. Sorry I should have followed up on you earlier.
X Katherine