Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Silk Wedding Gown and May Flowers

I found this vintage "lovely" recently . . . and wished I had found it about twenty years ago! Wow . . . pure silk and a designer label. My wedding gown (not the one below) was Satin (aka polyester) and cost darn near a $1,000.00. It was a mass produced "Sweet Heart Gown." I really don't think it was worth it either. I can say that now, LOL. Ah well . . . . Dresses certainly seem to have gone up in quality and down in price since I was married in the early 90s.

Lucky for the current brides-to-be!

We didn't have eBay or Etsy back then either . . . so there weren't many options for buying resale. I would have though !

I was married in May and we had Lilacs throughout our reception.
They do smell wonderful : ) I cut these from my garden on the weekend and they are still going strong.

The wedding dress has a built in crinoline for a Princess look.

It has miniature buttons at the back and a large bow (which is removable) if the bride prefers.
The four foot train bustles up nicely.

I love the pearls, sequins and lace detail : )

I have listed this lovely in the Vintage Bridal section of my Etsy shop.


English Cottage in Georgia said...

The gown is drop-dead gorgeous. Some size 8 gal will be lucky to find this for a beautiful wedding. Love the flowers also.

Nancy said...

Ohhhh, it is so pretty. I had a real 1960's early '70's style gown. What was wrong with me? LOL? I love your gown, it is a dream come true wedding dress!

The Victorian Parlor said...

Wow that is beautiful. Your flowers are lovely too!



TattingChic said...

It's gorgeous! :)

Donna Lynn said...

That is just beautiful, my wedding dress was a train wreak, I threw it away years ago, ugggh the 80's!

Take care and have a lovely weekend!
Donna Lynn

Nancy said...

Hi Karen...Hope all is well with you! Oh, I just love this beautiful!
I can first gown was awful...the veil was gorgeous, but the gown...back in the '70's, we didn't have a lot of choice...stuff was pretty boring.

Have a wonderful day!
Hugs, Nancy

Anonymous said...

OMG - the dress is well as the flowers but the DRESS...hopefully, there is someone in your family who can wear it.

Lynn said...

This makes me want to get my dress out of the box and put it on display :) I guess mine could be classed as almost vintage, it is 29 years old on Sunday LOL and mine was handmade by a friend, every bead was handstitched too :)

Discount Silk Flower said...

Wow very beautiful wedding dress and very good flower bucks

silk wedding flowers said...

The gown is fantastic!