Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Casey's Book

We made a Scrap Book this weekend and filled it with photos of our cat Casey. He was 20 years old when he passed away last March. My daughter still misses him a lot. We finally got all our supplies in order and had a big scrap booking session last Saturday. We bought hearts, butterflies, colored papers, rice paper, stickers and cute sayings. We made a total of 18 pages!

Just about all 18 pictures show Casey sleeping or being carried, LOL.
He was an old boy after all.

Making the book really did make my daughter feel a lot better.
She was smiling as she worked.

The placement of all the Tinker Bell stickers makes me smile.

Maybe Casey earned some wings and can play with Tink now.

These are some of our favourite pages.

He was a cutie : )


Chrissie said...

That is so lovely Karen and what a wonderful tribute to Casey. I bet he had a wonderful life with you. Run free Casey :))

TattingChic said...

What a sweet gift...not only to your beloved pet who has passed on, but for your daughter as well. I'm sure that was very healing for her. I know I miss my childhood pet dearly and she passed on over 20 years ago!

lorhen82 said...

What a sweet scrapbook! I love that you did this with your daughter...very therpeutic! And the images of Casey are just adorable! It looks like he is actually laying on the book! ~Lori

Brenda said...

Casey looks wonderful in the scrapbook. I'll miss seeing him when we visit. You two have done a wonderful job on the scrapbook - Casey would be pleased to be remembered with so much love.



The Victorian Parlor said...

What a lovely way to remember Casey. My heart aches as I read this post as we have been through the sorrow of losing our furry family members too and it is so difficult. I am glad that you made such a beautiful scrapbook of him:) His pictures are beautiful!