Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Fun Day

We are going to an outdoor fun day tomorrow at a friend's house. There will be skating, sledding, horse drawn sleigh rides and even dinner. A good'ol Canadian outdoor fun day. If you have snow . . . you might as well enjoy it !


lorhen82 said...

Wow...that sounds like a great time! I've never actually been on a horse drawn sleigh ride, but I love the idea of it. Especially if it's somewhere out in the country where all you hear is the horses hooves going through the snow and maybe some sleigh bells! It conjures up a very beautiful scene in my mind. Have a wonderful time with your friends! ~Lori

The Victorian Parlor said...

What a great way to enjoy the snow! I grew up with snow and used to love to sled all day long. Ah to be young and not mind the cold weather! Have fun today!

Karen said...

That does sound like a fun day and a good way to get outside and actually enjoy the snow. And dinner included makes it even more special.
I live up north in Elliot Lake and we could use some days like that to enjoy the 12 feet of snow we have had all winter.