Thursday, January 8, 2009

An impluse purchase

I bought this little gal in December on eBay for only $13.00. I guess she was my "Merry Christmas to me" present. It was one of those late night browsing sessions that ended up in a purchase. She arrived in time for the holidays but I didn't have much time to clean her up.

Now that it is January she has received some attention. After a quick surface bath and a new blue dress I think she looks pretty good. A bit like Alice in Wonderland perhaps. I suppose she needs a white pinafore though.

She and the rabbit can find some spring weather for us, LOL

Pedometer update: Wooo Hooo! I knew I walked a lot when I was helping out at the Auction House. This was Monday's step count. We cover the 10K a day easily :)


Nancy said...

Hi Karen...

Lovely little doll...such a sweet face. Her dress fits her beautifully.

Glad to see you made your steps for the day. I hope the weather gets better for you too! It's been pretty ugly and cold here. I'm just about ready for a nice sunny day above zero!

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

TattingChic said...

She's adorable! I love vintage dolls! Glad to see the little darlin' has a good loving home.
Good for you for taking care of your health and paying attention to your activity!

Kimberpeas said...

She is a very cute little doll. I agree that she could be a very convincing Alice!

Congrats on getting all of your steps plus more in! It is really tough if you're sitting at a desk all day, but zipping around an auction house will get it done!

Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
She's adorable - she would make a super Alice in Wonderland! Wow - 10K - if you can do that in one day at the auction house, Sarah should re-do her steps in a day at her 180,000 sq. ft store LOL! Glad you are keeping fit - Cider will appreciate it when you take her for a walk.


Karen ~ Cider Antiques said...

Hi Kimber! Yes, I agree ~ Hard to count steps at the computer. The days that I have to sit at the computer I don't wear the pedometer, LOL. I just wear it on my high traffic days :)

~ Karen

The White Bench said...

What a lovely gift...
Good girl! You walked a lot! Unfortunately, I'd need a snowmobile here!
Oh, and a BIG thank you for your compliments to Joy! She's very proud :))

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Very sweet doll ~ yes, I think that she looks like a little, Alice in Wonderland.

Good work with your exercising ~ well done!

Enjoy your weekend