Thursday, July 24, 2008

Horses, Flowers, Frogs and the Land of Nod !

Did you know that there really is a Land of Nod ? I thought it was a fictional name . . . but my good friend Deborah Burnham actually lives in the Land of Nod. You can visit Deb's Blog here . It certainly lives up to the fantasy. My two children and I visited Deb yesterday and were treated to a lovely afternoon with horses, flowers and wildlife. What a beautiful place to live!

Deb's two horses Slim and Clancy were quick to sense company and ran over to greet us :-)

I must say these two horse were very patient with us
(dropping the treats!!!)

Pulling away just when Slim thought he was about to receive a yummy mint.

The look on their faces said . . . Hey Mom . . . please show these Newbies how to hold a treat.

So Mom stepped forward and showed us how to hold our hands flat and let the horses nibble away until the treat is found.

OK . . . . much better . . . nodded Slim and Clancy.

Maybe a Dandelion would be interesting . . . .

Then we got really brave . . . . inside the fence and everything !

Big smiles all around :-)

A little fresh hay (Hmmm . . . . I think Clancy likes the mints better)

Then on to the River we went . . . . in search of frogs and butterflies.

My son found the frogs . . . but guess who had to catch them ?
Super Sister !!!! Over here . . . over there !!!! go, go, go!

It was an absolutely wonderful day ! I also picked up the gift that I commissioned Deb to make for my Mom's 65th Birthday. I will post pictures of that later (I don't want mom to see her present early). Thanks again for a wonderful visit Deb !!!!

I will be away from Friday July 25th to Thursday July 31st, visiting my Mom in Nova Scotia. My Friday Flea Market post will resume on August 1st.  See you next week : )


Nancy said...

Hi Karen...

A beautiful place for a visit. Deb's horses are beautiful..I love horses. Looks like the kids had fun...your daughter is lovely, looks like her Mom. Your son looks like he is enjoying the horses and the frogs!

Have a wonderful, safe trip.
Hugs, Nancy

Deb said...

Wow Karen your pictures turned out wonderful they make my boys look very handsome. Thank you so much for coming out I had fun, the kids where such a delight.

I love watching horses work their magic they are amazing confidence builders and it was interesting to watch them in action with your munchkins.

Sorry about the bad Chadd incident, pets got to love them............ Thanks again for spending the day in the Land Of Nod bring the gang back any time.

Have a safe and wonderful trip
Hugs Deborah

Counting Your Blessings said...

I grew up around horses and I wish so badly that my kids had that! But we don't have the land (or the funds) =) Have a beautiful weekend. Blessings... Polly

Kim's Treasures said...

Karen~Your photos are beautiful! Have fun!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Karen!
Slim & Clancey are so beautiful! I love to see horses with their blanket coats on. And your daughter and son are adorable, ok she's pretty and he's handsome! Thought I'd better clarify that, boys don't like the word adorable much. Have fun!
Hugs, sherry

TattingChic said...

Oh, those horses are so sweet and lovely. What a wondeful place to take the kids! It looks like the ideal summer vacation, what with all the beautiful scenery, streams, frogs, looks like you are having a fabulous time!

Donna Lynn said...

What a wonderfully fun place to take the kids and visit! Can't wait to see the pictures of the piece she did for your mom, looking forward to the pictures of your visit too...
Hope you had a great time with your precious mother and you had lots of time to sit and visit and make new memories with her!

Cami said...

Your trip sounds divine. ENJOY! Love the pics! The frog was so colorful. Your dd ROCKS!