Monday, March 10, 2008

There is always someone who has more . . .

Snow . . . . that is. I drove my daughter over to her friend's today and could not believe the size of the snow banks on this local street. Look at that street light. The snow must be at least 10 feet high ! The tiny path to the front door was also flanked by snow. It is pretty hard to shovel when you can't reach the top of the pile. I'm a trooper though . . . . I have my spring jacket on (unzipped even).


Neal said...

It's 22 degrees (on average) here and I'm going to Hong Kong the weekend of the 21st. I'll think of you as you're trying to move the snow to the top of the pile.

Your darling cousin Neal

Ciderantiques said...

Ah Neal . . . maybe you'll have an allergic reaction to all that sun screen :). We will save some snow for you. I think there will still be some left in JULY. Enjoy your travels. We're just jealous ~ Karen