Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Photo Gallery

I was sorting through my picture files today. . . trying to reduce the thousands of saved ebay pictures on my computer. After deleting hundreds of photos I came across my folder of dolls. Apparently I prefer dolls with brown eyes. I have never really noticed that before . . . but I couldn't find one blue eyed doll in the bunch. Shirley Temple has green eyes (close ~ but no cigar). I have sold some beauties over the last few years. I wish I could keep them all ! Their photos make a wonderful gallery. I thought I would share their pretty faces . . .


Nancy said...

Oh Karen...how lucky you are to have this little collection. I so love the dolls of yesteryear. Their little faces are so lovely and sweet.

Thank-you for your kind comments...I replied back on my blog...didn't want to bore you on yours!

I must buy some lacy pieces from you soon. I was able to purchase some lovely tiny lace trims for dolls at the show...those tiny trims are hard to find...especially here in Calgary.

Take care. Talk soon.

Ciderantiques said...

Thank you Nancy! Wishing you a Happy Easter. We can chat next week about the types of lace you are looking for.

Have a great long weekend, Karen.

Rianne said...

Interesting to know.