Friday, March 21, 2008

Puppies on my door step !!!!!!

Look what the Easter bunny delivered ! Three Golden Retreivers ~ a mom and two pups (about 6 - 8 months old I would guess)

Boy are they cute ! No ID and we added the collars and leashes.

My neighbours are going to take them . . . Good Friday in Canada means all the Vets and even the Humane Society is closed. We are suppose to be on the road to Toronto right now.

My friends will take them to the vet tomorrow to look for a micro chip

Oh they are soooooo cute. Cold and hungry from last night and very happy to warm up in my garage with some TLC, food and water. The poor mom had ice pellets on her fur from the cold last night. The pups were fine . . . so she did her job and kept them warm

The are happy and safe now. This has delayed our departure to Toronto . . . thank goodness for neighbours and other dog lovers. I will update this story when we get back on Sunday! They have a safe place for the weekend. Bye for now.


Brenda said...

Hi Karen,
Aren't they beautiful! They knew where to go LOL! I think you've inherited Grampa's "free lunch" sign, that all animals can see. Have a lovely weekend in Toronto and hope you can stop in.


Ciderantiques said...

Yes I agree . . . all furry friends seem to know where they are welcome. They were pretty darn cute. At least I know where they live now, should it happen again.

It was great to see you guys and I love my stain glass jewellery!

Happy Easter! Karen

Joy said...

OMG how did they all get away?
They are beautiful. Glad they got returned to the owner. I bet they were worried.