Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Etsy Update ~ Hats, Shawls and Winter Woolies


I have some lovely winter accents and pretty hats for sale in my Etsy Shop. There are still a few months of winter remaining in Canada. Maybe Ottawa should send some snow out West to help with the Winter Olympics. I hear the Apple trees are in blossom in Vancouver. Not so good for winter sports however. So . . . think snow . . . a few more months of winter yet : )

I have some very pretty Wool Scarves.
Neutrals and pretty colours.

Several nice shawls ~ handmade Crochet

and Cashmere . . .

Handmade sweaters from Scotland too! Warm and Pretty.

~ A few more months of Winter Woolies in Canada ~


The Green Pea said...

Love the sweater from Scotland. Once upon a time I had a sweater like that. It was so warm on a cold day. They are so beautiful..sandi

Monica@The White Bench said...

Oh Karen, I missed the blue hat :(( I had spotted it as soon as you posted, but I was in a hurry and when went to you etsy it was already sold :(((((
Beautiful Scottish sweater, I'd surely wear it. It's so me.
Monica xx.