Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Vintage Hats, Coats, Scarves and More!

I have two great white wicker shelves that I hope to take to the Vintage Clothing show this year. Just 5 days until November 15th. I'm wondering if I could put one on the roof of each car? They are really light . . . the problem is likely making it into the underground parking garage at the Chateau Laurier Hotel. Now that would be fun . . . being 1 inch too short of the required clearance. Maybe I'll check on those height limitations, LOL.

Here is another preview of some items I will be taking with me. I have a large selection of wool and mohair hats. Beret's and Beanie style too. Great for winter!

Some neat old 70's purses with matching accessories.

Many colourful scarves.
Bright Red and Plaid seem to have my attention this year!
Great for early Christmas shopping.

I have vintage hand knit hats, mittens, gloves and socks too . . .

A great selection of old jackets and blazers ~ it is faux fur leopard btw ~ so don't yell at me : )

My daughter and I have had fun co-ordinating the tags I bought on Etsy with each item.

They come in all shapes and sizes. Some are absolutely works of Art. So pretty!!!! I use the big ones for labelling my coat racks etc. That way I get to keep them.

My American neighbour delivered 2 commercial grade garment racks yesterday. Thanks so much!!! I bought them online at Target in the USA. They will ship packages as a "gift" to another address, so I had them shipped to a US location. It is amazing how expensive they are locally. Thanks so much Cathy for bringing them up to Canada for me! I need strong racks for heavy coats and these new racks are perfect.

I'm getting there. My basement booth/display is almost done. I wish I could just wiggle my nose and move it all Sunday morning, LOL. I hope it all fits in two vehicles! My mom in flying in from Nova Scotia tomorrow to visit and to help me at the sale. My goal is to be pretty much ready before she arrives. So . . . back to work I go : )


cinner said...

Good luck with everything, they are all lovely, I love the old purses. Take care. be well.Have fun with your Mom.

The White Bench said...

Good luck Karen! Your assortment looks fabulous, and the handmade tags are such a pretty touch!
I have a very similar faux fur leopard coat... ;)love it!
Your hats and scarves are to die for- I am a scarf and hat lover ;)) I wear them always!

"bear's house" said...

Hello my dearest friend!!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!I LOVE THEY!!!!!!!...and a vintage style!

How are you?


Sheila said...

My goodness what work you have put into this. Good luck at the sale. Lots of pretty things for people to drool over. Love the hats...

Alicia ~ Time Worn Style said...

pop over to my blog, its award night!

Nancy said...

Wow Karen...what an amazing assortment! You should have a very successful showing.

Hope you have a nice visit with your Mom.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

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