Tuesday, December 16, 2008

How Cool is that !!!

Yesterday after school . . . .

Mom: Hey kids . . . hurry up and put on your Sens Jersey.
Kids: Are we going to a hockey game?
Mom: No . . . you are going to meet Dany Heatley.
Son: Yah . . . . right.
Mom: Really !
Son: Really??? followed by lots of screaming!

Well, guess who we met yesterday? The Assistant Captain of the Ottawa Senators Hockey Team. Dany Heatley released his new book "Dominant" and he had a book signing at the local Chapters store. My husband got there early enough to save a great place in line. We were #65 in the line, but it moved very quickly.
The parents were even allowed to take pictures.
Big Smiles : )


Thank you Dany Heatley for thrilling so many Fans ~ big and small.


TattingChic said...

What a fun memory for them!

Brenda said...

Great for the kids to meet one of the Sens. I'm sure they were thrilled.


Nancy said...

How cool is that...Glad the kids had that opportunity.

Take care
Hugs, Nancy