Monday, June 29, 2009

Unwanted Attention

We had some unwanted attention last Saturday night. My cast iron bunny was the only witness it seems. Unfortunately I can't get him to tell me what he saw. Around 12:30am some vandals decided to ring our door bell (daaa?????) and then smash my nice stone planters on my walkway.

I tried some "Gorilla Glue" to repair the damage, but it just didn't look right so I went out and bought some new planters today. I really liked my old planters . . . but I am thankful they were not thrown through my front door or living room window. I bought some light fibreglass ones today. They can't do any damage when airborne.

You can see from the muddy foot print on my porch that the thug was pretty big.

I like having a big dog! She looks nice and calm in all my pictures but trust me . . . she won't let anyone mess with her mum. Here she is . . . shortly after our scare . . . getting lots of "good girl" pets.

P.S. We do live in a good neighbourhood. Really. Just some stupid teenagers carrying out their twisted idea of fun. My husband and I had a long chat about that with our own soon to be teenagers.


Sweet Old Vintage said...

Yes. there is fun but always teach your children not to destroy others property.... Good clean fun is just that. What happened to you is not good. Makes you just a tad leary also.... Glad it all worked out with hopes of no more goings on. Have a peaceful but enjoyable Fouth.

TattingChic said...

That is just ridiculous! Well, that's too bad about the stone planters. I'm glad it wasn't much else.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear that you had an awful experience the other night. It leaves you with a horrid feeling to think that there are people out there that would do that.

When we were away my daughter was out walking on Saturday afternoon and some kids in a jeep stopped and a young guy smacked her on the bottom. She was so upset at them doing this and reported it to the Police.
The jeep had a distinctive wheel cover on the back with San Francisco on it. On Monday, we saw it parked in the carpark and my husband was able to talk to the Father who was going to talk to his kids.

Sorry I went on, but there are kids out there that do not know how to behave.

Happy 4th of July to your Family.

The Green Pea said...

Well, that is not nice. Glad bunny is fine. Hope that they do not repeat the awful behavior again. Sandi

Brenda said...

That's just awful - have kids got nothing better to do!!
These goons have obviously not seen how protective Cider is of you LOL! They wouldn't be so quick to come around if Cider was outside.


lorhen82 said...

I hate it that people do things like that. I'm sorry about your stone planters...what a shame! By the way, your cast iron bunny is adorable! ~Lori

The Victorian Parlor said...

I'm glad that no one was hurt! Sorry to hear that someone did something so terrible. Good girl Cider for being a good watch dog!



Anonymous said...

Hi Karen, That would have scared me.. I have a 100 lb shepard and another 80 lb shepard mix to fend off not so very nice people... cider is such a good dog and they do protect us when we need it too don't they....I hope that doesn't happen to you anymore, whatever happened to respecting your neighbors anyway??? things sure do change....hugs, Jennifer